When a brand is unfamiliar to us, we tend to overlook it despite of how promising their products are. Being skeptic is not a bad thing especially when we’re talking about our body and health but there’s also such a thing as over-skepticism. Just imagine all the good products you’ve probably missed out on simply because you’re scared of trying a new, never-heard brand.

This might not be applicable to some of you but here’s my rule in trying out new products to blog about: if I can search it on Google (including the manufacturer and list of ingredients) and I see 3 out of 5 good feedbacks, then it’s worth a try. I don’t know based on what criteria you judge new products but here’s one you should definitely give a shot – Kiss Collagen Cream Mask.

Product Description:
(Taken from www.kisssg.com)
This overnight collagen sleeping mask is made up of 100% all natural product with no trace of steroids nor mercury. Therefore suitable for all skin types including oily and sensitive skin! Developed by the famous beauty & skin expert, the mask is formulated with collagen extract, alpha arbutin, vitamin C+ and natural extracts. This diminishes the appearance of pores, supports natural nourishment, exfoliates and addresses impurities.

Let’s start with the packaging. Kiss Collagen Cream Mask is housed in a sturdy plastic jar that comes with an air pump. Yes, not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill pump. Plus the jar itself is air tight and multi-layered so as to make sure that the cream inside won’t be contaminated with dirt and dust particles. This is as hygienic as it can get for a reasonably priced cream.

As per instruction, Kiss Collagen Cream Mask should only be used twice a week with 3 days intervals from each use. This is because the cream contains a lot of strong active ingredients that should only be used in moderation. Some of which are: Collagen (to hydrate the skin), Brassica Napus Extract (to fight free radicals), Alpha Arbutin (for skin whitening), Grape Seed Oil (for softer skin), Jojoba Oil (for deeper cleansing) and a small amount of Retinol.
My brother and I have been sharing the Kiss Collagen Cream Mask for almost a month now and just last night, it decided to leave us. Yup, we emptied it all too quickly. *sob The span of usage, though very effective, was still too short. Let’s see. The cream itself is a bit thick and heavy on the skin. Kiss Collagen Cream Mask takes a couple of minutes for the skin to fully absorb and it feels a tad greasy at first but when you get passed that phase, everything’s smooth sailing. It doesn’t completely mattifies when absorbed; instead it creates a dewy finish. Also, it has this faint scent that takes a bit of getting used to – still tolerable, though.Now for the mind-blowing result!I decided to use my brother (again) for the before-and-after photos because the pimples on his forehead would be easier to monitor. Please excuse the difference in color and lighting, the photos were taken with 3 weeks interval for optimal result. And in that time, Kiss Collagen Cream Mask was able to help dry out pimples and even lighten the pimple marks [as you can see on the photo above]. You can barely notice the 3 huge pimples that were on the right area of his forehead!

The Dermax AcneX Exfoliant Soap (Read review HERE) which he’s been using prior adding Kiss Collagen Cream Mask to his routine did help a lot in drying out pimples and preventing tiny bumps on his cheek area but with Kiss, the drying process is twice as fast, pimple prevention is more effective and there is almost no trace left. The skin did lighten a bit, too, if I may say so myself. Personally, I think the two products work great together. They work hand-in-hand in removing existing pimples and preventing marks from forming. An incredible duo fit for those with problematic, acne-prone skin such as my brother’s but if I were to pick only one; Kiss Collagen Cream Mask most definitely is my guy. 🙂
Based from my personal experience with the product, I’d say that it makes the skin look more plump and supple in the morning – glowing even! It did little for my pores (probably because I was only able to use it for a short period of time) but for the skin lightening effect, I can attest to its effectiveness. I just love how soft and bright my skin looks after washing it off the following morning. 🙂
Price: Php 1,000 (15mL) Php 1,500 (30mL)
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