To be honest, I have very little patience with nail polishes simply because I find it time consuming. I spend an average of 1 hour in cleaning my nails and applying nail polish. What I hate is that after spending that time and effort on my nails, the nail polish just tends to chip after few hours, maybe 2 days if I’m really careful. What a waste, right?
Brand : Kiss New York
Volume : 7.2g
Color : 19 
Retail Price :USD 6.2
Made in USA
So when I saw that the Wish Box No. 2 includes a nail lacquer I was like, “okaaaay.” No excitement or giddy feeling.
It looks pretty decent on my nails. Cute color too but that made me fall in love with this nail polish is that…
(Bear in mind that I also do the dishes)
Day 1-2: No chipped nail color!
Day 3-4: Very minimal chipping.: This nail lacquer may actually last a whole week! Awesome!

– Great color! Bright and cute pastel blue. Perfect for summer.
– The packaging looks sturdy. Plus, the rubber handle on top which reminds me of MAC’s nail lacquer gives it a very expensive high end look to it.
– It has a nice consistency. Not too thick to make it sticky but also not too fluid to make it run and look messy on the nails.
– It dries up really fast and it’s glossy on its own. Applying clear coat on top is not necessary.
The best part is, the color stays and doesn’t chip as much.
– It’s not available locally.
– Compared to other local nail polishes, it is a bit pricey.
Buy Again? Yes! I want to try all colors available.
My Verdict: 5/5

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