A multi-tasking product is always welcome in my makeup kit – or anyone else’s, I think. Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on a product that does the job of many but at the price of one? My top multi-taking product as of the moment would have to be Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in PK002 (Read review HERE) but since I already included it in my baby sister’s starter makeup kit, I’m gonna have to find a new one. let’s see if this new Krave Lip ‘N Cheek Salve is a worthy replacement. πŸ™‚
Product Description:
Say hello to this 2 in 1 sexy salve! Red on the lips pink on the cheeks. Moisturizing lip and cheek tint made with USDA certified hemp seed oil, the most nutritious vegetable oil in the planet. Super moisturizing and skin soothing.
Unlike other lip and cheek tints, Krave Lip ‘N Cheek Salve is housed in a lipstick like tube. I honestly thought it’s a lipstick at first but it didn’t have any shade label on it so I decided to check it again online. You can’t really blame me for thinking it’s a lipstick because it has the shade indicator at the bottom of the tube and the twist-thingy is the same with normal lippies. As it turns out, it’s actually a salve of some sort that works both as a lipstick and a cheek tint.
Consistency-wise, it’s almost like a soft and creamy lipstick. It glides on effortlessly and it has a nice sheen to it. I like how smooth and glossy it is. Plus with the help of Hemp Seed Oil, this Krave Lip ‘N Cheek Salve can be very moisturizing. It feels a bit gritty when applied and even when on the lips already as it has these small grains of textured particles that appear to be undissolved ingredient or something. Also, it has a distinct mint scent and a noticeable tingling sensation post application. 

Krave Lip ‘N Cheek Salve has only one shade available: a red-coral shade with a warm base. Being creamy, it has the tendency to settle on lines and cracks. I haven’t used this as blusher because my cheeks have proven to be a problem area for me – I use foundation/concealer on that area so I refrain from using products that need to be blended (like cream blushes or tint) for it can mess up the coverage of the foundie/concealer. I tried this a couple of times on my lips, though. I’ve had a good 2-3 hours of wear time from it but no noteworthy tint once the top color and sheen fades.

Price: Php 229
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