During exam weeks, I make it to a point to double
up my normal cleansing and detoxifying routine as I take on more study hours
than usual. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not as grade conscious as most of the
students in our department but I really do make sure to pass every subject – can’t afford to fail anymore. Anyhoo,
what better way to pamper yourself without reducing your study time than to use
an at-home mask, right? I actually alternate 2 masks
Queen Julep Mint Mask (Read review HERE) and this one;  Krave Detox & White Mineral Mud Masque. I’ll
be doing a detailed comparison on the two some other time. For now, let’s focus
on Krave Detox & White Mineral Mud Masque.

Product Info
(Taken from Krave Minerale Cosmeteuticals‘ page)

Rosehip oil and 2P (Pineapple, Papaya) + 3G (Ginseng, Green tea, Ginkgo biloba)




Normal cleansing isn’t just enough. Use DETOXn’WHITE Mineral mud masque that contains many natural skin reviving properties that helps to improve your overall complexion. Detox your skin with our unique & effective 2P + 3G formula mask with rose hip oil that helps to clarify & whiten skin, shrink pores, relax tired muscles and replenish moisture. No matter what your skin routine is, using this at least once in a week will restore your skin’s elasticity and leave your face silky smooth. Enjoy the 6 Skin beneficial key ingredients of this masque.

Krave Detox & White Mineral Mud Masque comes in a slim
travel-friendly tub. Don’t be fooled by the small container as it contains 50
grams of pure organic goodness. I actually bought this tub sometime last summer
and I’m still using it now. 

The mask itself really does look like mud! It’s a dark green
almost-moss-like color and it’s a bit textured – I’m not sure if its beads or
something from the fruits. As for the smell, I think it’s somewhere between
mint and citrus. I’m really not good in describing smells because for me
there’s generally only good and bad. So as for this one, I’m categorizing it
under good-smelling masks/products. LOL!

I particularly like using this while I shower so I could
take my mind off the fact that it stings. Yes, it does. When I first used it, I
wanted to rinse it right off after a few minutes because it really really hurts
– almost like the burning sensation I felt when I used Baviphat Steam Mango
Mask. But I sucked it up for a couple of minutes more to see if it’s worth it…
and I’m glad I did. By the way, I asked my sister to try it out just to make sure if it really stings because I wasn’t sure if the burning feeling I experienced was an isolated case. 
Anyway, my skin feels super smooth and soft after rinsing the
product off. I really can’t emphasize how supple my face feels after using
this. I just love the instant result. It just takes away all hints of stress
and dullness on my face. Instead, it’ll give you a fresh glow. Love it! Good
thing, the burning sensation becomes tolerable after few times.  And oh I would definitely recommend this to those girls with acne-prone skin as mud masks are known to soak up excess oily that causes acne. 

As for the long term whitening effect, I really can’t say much since I didn’t notice any significant change except for the teeny tiny temporary brightening effect right after usage. Overall, if it wasn’t for the burning sensation, this would
be soooo perfect.  So I guess I’d still give
it a thumbs up!
Here’s a photo of me with Krave Mineral Detox & White Mud Masque on.
Sorry about the awkward bare face.
What at-hone mask do you normally use?
I’d love to hear how you cope with extra stress during exam weeks and meeting deadlines.
Post ’em below! 🙂