Hi there! I actually just finished my third shower for today. Yup, you read it right. I said third. Summer’s definitely coming, alright. You can just feel it in the humid air. Gawd! I don’t normally sweat this much unless I exercise for about 30 minutes.. I take that as a gift since I can go through a usual dance practice without breaking a sweat but now? With this weather? I’ll just consider myself lucky for not collapsing mid-day because of the heat waves! Not only that, my makeup keeps sliding off! Seriously, for the past 2 months, I’ve switch from one BB cream to another like how I change clothes. I’m telling you, not all makeup products can withstand this freakin’ heat!

Oh but wait.. here’s one that actually stayed put despite my heavy sweating. Gross, I know.
Introducing Krave Minerale Arch Precision in Pecan Deluxe!

Product Description
ARCH PRECISION – Eyebrow definer kit 
Shape your brows in an instant with our long lasting formula that conditions your eyebrows and make it perfectly arched all day. The kit provides you with 2 ways of defining your brows. Use the cream alone or with the powder or vise versa. You can also use the powder with a drop of water to line your brows. Use the angled brow brush inside for easy shaping & application.

Krave Minerale Arch Precision is housed in this sturdy, black palm-size compact with a secure lock. It’s a bit difficult to open but at least I won’t have to worry about it accidentally opening inside your bag and make a mess. Inside is a huge mirror that took up the entire interior of the cover. Personally, I like big mirrors in my compacts simply because I can really see if my brows fit my entire look. On the other side is the brow gel, powder and  the brush compartment.

It comes with this 2-inch dual-ended eyebrow brush. Where do I begin with this brush? Let’s start with the size. I honestly find it really difficult to use as it relatively very small compared to the long-handled ones I’m used to. Still, it’s useful when travelling or in need of a retouch while somewhere besides home – which I doubt given the staying power of this. Next is the brush itself. The slanted end for the gel is very narrow, allowing you to create brows with nicely defined arches; this I really love! Meanwhile, the other side has the thick fluffy brush which I suppose is for the powder. Not sure if the size is too big or I just don’t know how to use it. :/ So instead of using this end for the powder, I opt to use my Charm dual-ended brow brush instead.
The brow set contains 2 pans. The one on the left is a chestnut brown gel. When applied using the narrow angled brush that comes with it, it creates a very defined and strong-looking pair of brows. It could be used on its own but if you plan to go for a more subtle and natural look, the other pan would definitely be your bet. On the right is a lighter, wood brown powder. One thing that bothers me about the powder is its significant amount of fallouts. This could actually be remedied by using a wet brush in application. It’s great on top of the darker brow gel to give it better definition and staying power. Though it is still workable on its own.
The combination of these two colors is actually pretty nice. The gel one for stronger look, the powder one for softer look and combining the two would give a natural and long lasting brows. So basically, what I like about this set is its flexibility in terms of color and look it can create. Unfortunately, Krave Mineral only has one shade for their Arch Precision brow kit as of the moment and that’s Pecan Deluxe. In the future, I hope they could come up with wider variety of shades to cater to girls with different hair color too.

The gel is insanely pigmented. The first time I used it, I ended up creating super thick brows. Word of advice, do be careful when you use it since a little amount goes a long way. Compared to ELF’s brow kit which I’ll be reviewing soon, the Arch Precision’s powder is much more pigmented though not as pigmented as IN2IT browk cake. Basically, Krave Minerale Arch Precision’s [powder] performance is somewhere between the other 2 brow products mentioned above. But then again this powder is made to compliment the dark gel and make it more wearable but at the same time retaining the gel’s lasting power.

Now for the staying power. It could withstand any amount of sweat or wetness. It stays put the entire day without running like crazy. The catch, however, is that when it’s rubbed it has the tendency to smudge. But as long as you don’t touch it, you’re good. ๐Ÿ™‚

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