Even before I begun to pick up a concealer stick and learn how to put eyeshadows, mascara was already one of  my essentials. Come to think of it, I’ve probably emptied out more mascara tubes than concealer containers throughout my “kikay” years. And of all the mascaras I’ve tried, this is probably one of the bests so far. Another plus for being organic! <3

Ok, I’m going off topic. Forgive my nonsense blabbing. I was just in the mood to make “kwento”. LOL! Where are we again? Oh yeah, Krave Minerale Vegie-Lash Mascara! Ever since Krave’s anniversay and product launch (read more HERE) last January, I’ve been meaning to get my hands on this which is apparently a part of their new and improved makeup line. I finally got my hands on my first (yes, first because I’m planning to repurchase) tube sometime last month.

Product Description:
VEGIE-LASH Mascara Volumizing, Legthening, Conditioning.
Made with high quality silicone brush & precision bristles that perfectly coats the lashes. Achieve all lash styles from long curled effect,medium enhanced up to full length & full volume.
All the organic goodness of Krave Minerale Vegie-Lash Mascara is contained in this chubby, almost bullet-shaped tube. It looks black from afar and on most photos but I assure you, it’s a metallic moss green color that appropriately represents the vegie-filled mascara inside. Don’t worry, the mascara itself is like all other mascara. So please don’t expect to get green blobs of real vegetables in this tube. LOL!

Just like the tube, the mascara wand is also wide and generally chubbier compared to most mascara wands. It has distinct, short bristles that are farther apart from each other than what I’m used too. The point where the handle and the spoolie adjoin is noticeably thinner than the rest of the handle. This is to fully cradle the lashes even when I (the user) wiggle the wand as it allows it to bend and go with the movement.

Moving on to the mascara itself. Consistency-wise, it is rather fluid and runny which makes me think that it wouldn’t dry out fast. As a result of this consistency, the wand has the tendency to pick up too much product on its tip. It is highly pigmented and could easily mask any eyeshadow fallouts on the lashes with just one swipe. It takes a while to dry but it doesn’t usually create a mess as long as I don’t blink too hard right after applying the mascara.
The wand, still, has some room for improvement but the formula of the mascara is already awesome. It doesn’t have any funky smell nor does it irritate my overly sensitive eyes. And more importantly, it’s animal-friendly! Aren’t you tired of seeing how animals are cruelly used for our benefit? I know I am. It’s revolting and it makes me sick. Augh!
TIP: Learn from my mistake, make sure to cover the area below the eyes to avoid making a mess. Also, tight lining the upper part would help make your lashes look fuller. This would also cover the marks of the mascara above.
Shall we put Krave Minerale Vegie-Lash Mascara to the test? πŸ™‚

Lengthens? Check! Volumizes? Double Check!

Just from the photos above you’ll immediately see how the Krave Minerale Vegie-Lash Mascara was able to lengthen and volumize my lashes more than twice its normal state. My lashes becomes so long that it touches both my brows and the lenses on my glasses. How awesome is that?! However, upon layering more coats, it becomes a bit clumpy and makes the lashes stick together. This is actually not a bad thing as it creates amazing, dramatic volume.. just be sure to pinch the tip of the lashes to make it appear more natural. Another thing to love about this organic mascara is that it’s absolutely budge-proof! No amount of sweat and rubbing can take this bad boy off.

Now for the removing part. According to Krave, their Vegie-Lash Mascara could easily be removed with the use of their Cupine Aloepa Facial Wash. I currently don’t have that facial wash so I can’t really attest to that claim. But being smudge- and water-proof, it’s obvious that a heavy duty makeup remover and wipes would be needed to remove this. From my experience, water and soap alone would not stand against this hefty mascara. In short, DO NOT SKIP MAKEUP REMOVER. πŸ™‚ Don’t worry though, with the right products, this is fairly easy to remove. 

If you’re thinking about getting an eyelash extension/perm, you might want to put a halt to that idea.. atleast until you’ve tried Krave Minerale Vegie-Lash Mascara. πŸ™‚ 
See you on my next post! <3