When my friend, the co-owner of Seoul Catch, told me she’ll be going to Korea over Christmas break, I immediately made a list of Korean products I wanted to try out. Honestly, since I know I’ll be asking her to buy quite a lot for me, I gave her the money even before I completed my list. I wanted to try products from brands like Skinfood, Laneige, The Saem and other brands though I had no idea what exact products are worth trying. I asked for the suggestions of other bloggers and Valerie, the owner of Dull to Doll, said she totally swears by this product. Seeing how clear and radiant her skin is, I had no reason not to try it. Plus, I love Song Hye Kyo from Full House – she’s the brand’s endorser, by the way!

That being said, Laniege Sleeping Water Pack_EX immediately topped my list.. even threaten my friend that she couldn’t come back to the Philippines without it. LOL!

Product Description
(Taken from www.laneige.com)
Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX is a feather-light, leave-on gel mask for you to apply just before bedtime (sleeping mask). It penetrates the skin immediately upon application; infusng it with a concentrated supply of moisture while you sleep. Skin is lustrously revitalized the next day!Active ingredients Vitamin E Acetate (stabilized Vitamin E) protects the skin against UV damage and environmental stresses while yeast extract Toniskin encourages the skin to mend and tone itself. Bio HE, a unique ingredient derived from collagen which holds up to several hundred times its own weight in moisture, feeds the skin a continuous supply of moisture. For all skin types.
Sleeping Water Pack_EX has been tagged as Laneige’s bestseller. It is housed in this luxurious light blue, plastic jar. It is quite heavy as there is obviously layers of thick glass-like plastic to protect the contents. As for its packaging’s sturdiness, I can’t vouch for it as I haven’t really dropped it before. My concern when it comes to products in jar containers is the tendency of accumulating dirt in the container if I dip my fingers in it. But since this comes with a small plastic spatula, the possibility of then happening slimmed. The only problem now is the air-borne particles — what I do is I make sure to scoop out the exact amount of product I need and close it immediately. I’m a bit OC, I realize that now. LOL!
To those who are sensitive to product smells, you’ll be glad to know that Laniege Sleeping Water Pack_EX is completely scentless. No chemical or any kind of pungent smell at all. Consistency-wise, it is more on the gel side though is it runny/watery. It feels nice, smooth and light on the skin as it glides effortlessly given its consistency. Laniege Sleeping Water Pack_EX is really easy to spread so a small amount, may be half of what is shown in the photo below, is needed to cover the entire neck and face area. 
At first I thought Laniege Sleeping Water Pack_EX was expensive but after seeing the ginormous amount of product contained in the jar and how very little is needed, I’d say that I really got my money’s worth as I would probably be using this until the end of time. Ok probably not that long but far more than 6 months. πŸ™‚
I’ll be honest, when I heard that this is basically a face mask that you sleep with, I was concern about the sticky feeling that usual masks leaves on the face and I wonder how could I possibly sleep with it. Just imagine all the dust and dirt that could stick to it.. But because of its watery consistency, it only takes a couple of minutes for the skin to fully absorb it. It’s not like any other masks I’ve tried before, I assure you. It’s non sticky nor greasy. Its almost like a normal, light water-based moisturizer. But with more benefits, I assume.
Immediately after application, I noticed that my skin became a wee bit shinier and my glasses tends to slide off nose bridge. But after 2-3 minutes when my skin has absorbed most, if not all, of the product, my skin becomes less shiny. Instead it becomes silky smooth and soft. Yes, that’s just minutes post application. The following morning, after washing my face, my skin is noticeable suppler and softer compared to mornings when I didn’t use the sleeping pack before hitting the sack. I love how it gives my skin a subtle glow of freshness overnight. 

However, I don’t see the difference between Laniege Sleeping Water Pack_EX and a normal hydrating moisturizer. In terms of the hydrating effect, I think this is only at par with Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel (Read review HERE). So what I do is, I just use this like a normal moisturizer. I no longer follow the instruction which is to only apply this once or twice a week. I use this every single night and so far, I love how my skin feels. <3

And that’s my two cents on this much-talked about product from Laneige.
How about you, have you tried this before?
Share your thoughts below. I’ll be more than happy to read them. πŸ™‚