As my passion for makeup grows, so does my makeup collection. 
Check out what’s inside my makeup case here.
And as of today, I have 3 palettes for my personal use. The biggest palette in the middle is the one I got from Le Faerie Cosmetics after my smokey eyes workshop.
 (read about it here).
It comes with two layers of bubble wrap. 
Le Faerie‘s products are high-quality makeups and are made by the same manufacturer of Coastal Scents, all for very affordable prices!
The palette offers a wide variety of colors to choose from. The left side is more on playful and upbeat colors, perfect for partying while the right side is on the neutral side which is best for everyday look.
And now, let us begin with the swatches. :))

These are the first 3 shades from the bottom left.
The 2 shades on both sides were interchanged. LOL!
Look at how vibrant and high-pigmented the colors are!
– The colors are very pigmented.
– The palette offers a lot of colors to choose from. You can go from day look to night look with just one palette!
– It very cheap! (Php 1100)
– When used with a primer, the eyeshadow can last the whole day.
– It’s not chalky at all.
– The palette is way too big for everyday personal use. 
– Some colors are almost the same as the others.
Buy Again? Yes! But next time, I’ll buy a matte palette instead.
My Verdict: 4/5