One of the first makeup products that started my makeup addiction was an ordinary black eye liner. I started using liner since I was in 3rd year high school. I love how the eye liner accentuates my eyes and make it look fiercer but on most days, I just hate how it smudges and makes my eyebags look more prominent.

Based on my personal experience, raccoon eyes on a daily basis? Not attractive. So now, when I buy eye liners, I make sure I they’re smudge-proof. I have no plans of looking like a drag at the end of the day.
Brand : Lioele
Volume : 1.2g
Color : Jewel Khaki
Retail Price :USD 5.3
Made in Korea
Super creamy texture lets you draw eyelines softly and neatly.
Long lasting waterproof eyeliner keeps your eye without smudging even in sweat or sebum.

A lot of products claim to be smudge-proof but more often than not, those claims are not met. It all depends on the product’s brand and quality. 
A closer look.
Thankfully, I came across Liole’s Jewel Glittering Liner.
It’s 100% smudge-proof! 
It can go from a very subtle line…
to an over-the-top dramatic look without the fear of smudging!
Now that’s a versatile eyeliner. 

It’s smudge-proof and water-proof!
No sign of raccoon eyes even after splashing my face with water several times.
– It has a very rich color. Highly pigmented!
– The color is buildable. You can go from a simple line to accentuate your eyes or you can go all the way a make it look dramatic.
– Cute packaging. I love the color combination: pink and black. It’s like girly meets punk vibe.


Buy Again? Yes! I love this liner. Get yours at Wish Trend. 🙂
My Verdict: 5/5