I much as I hate to admit it, doing my brows take up most of my time preparing every morning. I usually allot myself 15-20 minutes to do my makeup for work, and almost a quarter of this is dedicated to doing my brows. And the sad part is that, most of this time is wasted on switching from one product/tool to another. When I have the time, my brow routine usually consists of dampening my angled brush for a wet application of brow powder, then spoolie to brush off excess, a finer brush to create a more precise tail end, spoolie again, and lastly, a brow gel to keep everything in place. I can skip a few steps to shorten my morning preparation, but I still have to go back and forth with the tools.
Product Description:
L’Oréal Makeup Designer/Paris introduces Brow Artist Designer Pro, a 3-in-1 pencil that allows you to shape, shade, and style your brows with ease. It features 3 products in one slim tube: a crayon pencil, a brow powder, and a brow brush. Experience the art of brows in 3 easy steps: SHAPE the brows by lining in the arch with the crayon tip, SHADE by filling with the powder, and STYLE into place with the brow brush.
The first thing I liked about this latest release from L’Oreal is its packaging. The Brow Artist Designer Pro comes in a 3-part, pen-like packaging. On one end we have the pencil, the middle part has the loose powder with a tear-shaped sponge applicator which aids in applying powder on the pointed tail part of the brows, and lastly, a spoolie on the other end. A total time-saver!

It is sleek, compact and very convenient to bring everyday. It has almost everything I need for doing my basic everyday-brows which makes it great for out-of-town trips, too. The only thing that could make me love this even more is if the spoolie actually comes with a brow mascara. Then it would be everthing I need to complete my brow routine!

The L’Oreal Brow Artist Designer Pro only comes in 2 shades which is quite limiting given the variety of possible hair colors. In any case, since I dyed my hair black a few months ago, I automatically went for the darker shade available. It is a dark brown shade with a bit of gray undertone which helps mimic natural brow hairs for those with darker hair like myself.

The darker shade looks natural on me however, if you have blonde or lighter hair color (or perhaps a different undertone), I don’t think any of the 2 available shades could match it. I wish they’d release more shades to better cater to the market.

My favorite part about the Brow Artist Designer Pro is its pigmentation. I love how the pencil glides on smoothly as it leaves great color payoff. It isn’t waxy, too, so it doesn’t create clumps on the brow hairs. The powder is as pigmented so make sure to use a light hand with these two. The powder is quite comparable to the K-Palette 2-Way Brow Pencil – as they both have very minimal fallouts – but at a fraction of the cost! The spoolie, on the other hand, is both soft and firm at the same time; soft enough that it doesn’t feel harsh against the skin, and firm enough that it is still able to blend out and brush off the excess.
As for the lasting power, it managed to stay intact for the entire day, given that I stay in an air-conditioned room majority of the time. Overall, the Brow Artist Designer Pro is the complete package. It has the 3 basic products for doing the brows, it is affordable and easy to use as well. In case of beauty emergency, it even doubles as my eyeshadow and eyeliner, haha!

Price: Php 500
Available at: L’Oreal Counters Nationwide
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