This is one of the products of my impulsive buying during the Heat Wave Summer Bazaar. LOL! Normally, I read reviews first before coming to a decision whether to buy the product, especially when I can’t test it before buying, like in online shops.
It felt like I was in makeup heaven and I just kept putting products on my mini shopping basket even without testing them. Luckily, after checking out the products I purchased when I got home, I don’t regret buying them. 
I was like, so much win! – Sorry for the expression. I’m a 9gag addict. 
For more details regarding the price, where to buy it and other makeup finds, 
read the haul here.
Enough with the back story, let’s begin the review, shall we? 😉
L’Oreal Infallible come in a pocket-size (almost like a lighter) packaging as such.
Actually, 110 Hibiscus was not my first choice but the owner told me to choose a different one, something above 100, because according to her, those that have a number lower 100 tends to dry up the lips and cause them to crack a bit after a few hours. So this instead.
It has two containers. (1) is the color with a bit pointed/tear-shaped applicator which makes it easier to apply and (2) is the balm which is used to seal in moisture and color.
Here’s a swatch.
I tried washing my hands after but the lipstick takes a while to remove. It’s more of a lip stain with an applicator like that of a lip gloss.
– The packaging is very compact. It has the two lip products you need to reapply for the whole day and it fits perfectly in a purse or even a pocket.
– The silver part serves as a mirror.
– The shape of the applicator makes it easier to apply.
– I love the color. Its a very subtle pink. Though the color in the applicator is more like magenta.
– The color stays longer than most lipsticks. Its still there even after I eat!
– It doesn’t have any smell which would make it irritating while eating. 🙂
– The balm really moisturizes the lips as it removes the stickiness of the color.

– Its expensive when bought in a department store.
– It dries up the lips after 3-4 hours. I had to use my EOS lip balm a couple of times.
– I had to put on several coats to achieve the color that I want.
– The color is very very very sticky after application!
– And lastly, though it lasts longer than normal lipstick, it did not deliver. The advertisements said that L’Oreal Infallible would last 16 hours without retouching it.
Buy Again? Yes. I love the color and it stays longer than other lipsticks, that’s good enough for me. 🙂
My Verdict: 3/5

(April 18, 2012 FOTD)

I went to Yellowcab earlier with my college friends and it was the first time I wore my L’Oreal Infallible for a test run. 
I’ve been sporting that dewy flawless look for the longest time now. How do you like it? 😉
I loved my makeup so much I knew I had to take pictures of it. 🙂

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