For months I’ve been tying my hair up in a messy bun. Believe me, it’s not by choice. I have naturally wavy hair that’s impossible to manage so at an early age, I turned to salon treatments for answer – it came in the form of rebond. I’ve been greatly dependent on salon treatments to the point that I have my hair retouched 2-3 times a year. This goes without saying but these kind of treatments put so much stress on our hair that it begins to become brittle and frizzy. Now throw in some more unnecessary treatments like regular hair color and we have the perfect equation for major hair fall! No wonder I have hair fall accumulating on my bathroom floor the size of a baby mouse! Eeewww!
Anyway, I promised myself that I won’t have my hair rebonded again until I have my hair fall problem fixed or at least lessened. Enters  L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X range…
Product Description:
(Taken from
Fragile hair lacks essential nutrients. Undernourished at the roots it hardly resists external aggressions and tends to break and fall. For falling hair, L’oreal Paris laboratories have developed FALL REPAIR 3X shampoo and conditioner. Fall Repair 3x Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo delivers a triple anti-hair fall action: nourished from the roots, restructure hair fiber and hair grows stronger!
L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X range comes with 3 products, the usual shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and detangle hair plus a hair tonic to really nourish the hair from the roots. The line prides itself with their new “secret ingredient”, Arginine Essence, an amino-acid essential for hair’s constitution, to complete their anti-hair fall action.
The basics…
Can I just say that I totally love the black and pink plastic packaging? It makes the line look chic but still maintain its “we mean business” vibe.. or is it just me? 

L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X Hair Shampoo (Php 110, 180mL)
It comes in a very fluid consistency which makes it easier to spread. (Refer to photo above) Because it spreads easily, this amount is usually all I need to cover my entire hair & scalp area. It lathers nicely and is also easy to rinse. What I love most about this shampoo is its smell. It minty and floral at the same time but it isn’t overwhelming at all! 

L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X Conditioner (Php 119, 180mL)
The consistency is very rich and thick – much like other at-home hair treatments that you leave for 20 minutes or so. It makes my hair silky smooth and allows me to run my hands through my hair effortlessly. Although it’s not as moisturizing as I want it to be. Most parts of my hair feels super soft but the ends are still a little dry. This, along with the shampoo, makes my hair smell incredible even after my hair dries. It would be so great if they can make the smell last longer.
And now, for the star of the entire Fall Repair 3X range…

L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X Hair Tonic (Php 259, 90mL)
It comes in a squeeze bottle with a narrow nozzle to dispense the product. Being water-based, it is fairly easy to dispense so do be careful in pouring out the product. TIP: Massaging it on the scalp evenly and effectively spreads the tonic. Do this and you’ll need less product to cover your scalp. 😉
I often use hair oils and creams for my hair but they tend to make both my hair and scalp oily especially when I sweat. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised to have come across a hair tonic that is almost like water, consistency-wise. It wets my hair for a while but dries up immediately after as if nothing was really applied. All its goodness is easily absorbed by the scalp… leaving it smelling fresh and feeling oh-so light. <3 I use this every single day. I just can’t help myself!
Now for the most important question, does it really work? Hell yeah! In less than 2 weeks I noticed my hair grew significantly stronger. Meaning, less hair fall on the floor to sweep! Woohoo! I tried documenting the progress day by day but the amount of hair fall on the first week was fluctuating so I stopped. Although after a week’s time, the effect became very noticeable. I still experience hair fall while taking a bath and when I comb my wet hair BUT once my hair is dry, not one strand is left on my brush. That’s a good sign that the L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair is really working its magic. 🙂
That’s not even the best part! I have very thick hair and I feared that making my hair stronger also meant making it thicker… thankfully, it was able to make the strands softer and stronger WITHOUT making the strands thicker than before. Actually, I’m so confident about my hair’s strength now that I finally decided to get a major hair treatment done. Not only that but I also got it colored! Want to see my new hair? <3
Prices: Indicated respectively.
Available at: Watsons, SM and all leading Department Stores – I got mine from my June BDJ Box!

What do you use to make your hair stronger? Have you tried this range before?
Let me know what you think and I’ll see you on my next post! 🙂