I recently received my HG eye solution from Korea a couple of days ago but before I change my entire skincare routine, I’ll finish reviewing my current products first. So let’s begin with the eye cream I’ve been using for months now which is L’oreal Revita Lift.
Like I said in my skincare routine post few weeks ago, I didn’t read reviews on this product before buying it. I just stumbled upon L’Oreal’s counter and saw that the entire Rivata Lift line was on 30% off sale and you know how much I can’t resist sale, right? LOL! So you could just imagine how experimental I feel when I’m using this. I tend to be more observant when I don’t know what to expect of the product.

Ok, let’s start the review then.
Product Info
Now, 360-degree action around the eyes. Firmer lids, fewer wrinkles, less puffiness. In just two weeks. This unique daily moisturizer delivers anti-wrinkle and firming action, created specially to care for the delicate area around the eyes. Experience advanced action against the signs of aging. RevitaLift® Eye Cream (with fortified Pro-Retinol A®, Pro-Lastyl™, and Criste Marine Extract) reduces wrinkles, firms skin, and reduces the “morning puffy look.”
This retinol-rich cream is housed in a typical glass jar of medium size with a screw top lid. The jar is sturdy (dropped thrice already) and fairly light which is definitely a plus for me knowing that I have to bring it along with me every weekend.
The only thing I don’t like about the packaging is that I find it unhygienic as I need to dip my fingers to get the product every time I use it. This may cause dirt to accumulate inside the jar. I still prefer creams that come with pumps or even a nozzle.
Other than the markdown in price, what persuaded me to buy this was its claim to give noticeable results in just 1 month. Honestly, I got pretty curious so I wanted to personally put that claim to the test.
During my first try, I applied too much of the product and I got really irritated forcing me to remove it completely. The product is a bit greasy at first but it doesn’t feel heavy as it is absorbed by the skin rather quickly. So be mindful when applying it. Also, it is fragrance-free, just how I like my skincare products.
Another point to love about this product is that it didn’t cause any adverse reaction to my skin. FYI, I have really sensitive eyes and am suffering from a minor condition called blepharitis. So yeah, kudos for that!:)
NOTE: I still stay up late and drink plenty of water like always. Basically, nothing drastic changed in my lifestyle in the span of 2 months as I use this product religiously.

With that said, I expect a significant improvement in the area around my eyes compared to the previous months when I didn’t use any eye cream at all.

You be the judge.
Both photos are taken at around 9 in the morning though the one on the right (after 2 months of use) has little lighting due to the rainy weather. Sorry for the inconsistent lighting. 🙁
It is suffice to say that my willingness to try out a different eye cream is because I’m not utterly impressed by this particular product.  Oh well, looks like I’m back on my hunt for something that could save my eye area from the darkness that’s trying to conquer it. 🙂

Have you tried using any eye cream before?
Any suggestions? 🙂