For me, when doing a full makeup, the base is more important than color (i.e. blush, eyeshadow) mainly because if the canvas looks uneven, everything on top of it will also look patchy and uneven. So aside from keeping my makeup stay on longer, a primer is a must-have for me to make sure my face is as smooth and even as possible before I start my makeup routine.
Along with the introduction of the new and improved version of the well-loved L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation, the brand also welcomed the revival of one of my personal favorites, the L’Oreal Perfect Magique Base. I blogged [and raved] about it a couple of years back, but that love affair was rather short-lived, though, because L’Oreal eventually decided to discontinue the product. Recently they released the replacement in the form of this L’Oreal True Match Blur Cream, which is, as expected, very similar to its predecessor.
The L’Oreal True Match Blur Cream is housed in a sizable squeeze-tube packaging with a narrow nozzle to aid in controlling the amount of product to be dispensed. The overall packaging isn’t fancy or anything; it is simple but ultimately functional. Unlike the bulky glass jar packaging of the L’Oreal Perfect Magique Base, this is actually something I would gladly take with me on out-of-town trips as it is easy to fit in any pouch. It’s light, sturdy and just overall travel-friendly.
Like most my favorite primers, L’Oreal True Match Blur Cream is silicon-based with a bit of clumpy texture so it squirts out of the tube when being dispensed. It comes in a medium beige shade with apparent peach undertone. The texture and the shade goes hand in hand in filling in line, pores and crevices of the face as well as blurring out minor imperfections and discolorations. Imagine a subtle ‘soft focus’ filter but in real life!
I love how it creates a smooth surface for better and even foundation application. It also lessens the need to conceal small marks. A primer is not a primer if it’s not able to keep your makeup intact longer. I’m glad to report that this actually helped improve makeup longevity. I’m not so much in the oily side, but if you are, this doesn’t totally keep oil at bay. Although not as much as you would normally do, it’s still safe to keep a blotting paper within reach for when oil starts to build up on your T zone.
I don’t know if you can see it, but the lines at the back of my hand are not as visible immediately after applying the L’Oreal True Match Blur Cream. It isn’t heavy, too! Oh, how I wish you can feel how soft my skin is with it. I love it. I would most definitely be repurchasing this soon.
Price: Php 400
Available at: L’Oreal counters, Watsons and SM Beauty Department Stores
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