Just the other day I was chatting with an old time friend about makeup and stuff. She was more kikay and vain than me when we were in college, but now she’s a mom to two adorable young boys. Anyway, she’s been asking me a lot about how to start her makeup kit, and a thing or two about skincare products. One of the things she was oblivious about, like majority of girls out there, is the difference about serums and moisturizers.
Product Description:
This booster treatment restores all of the skin’s youthful strength and transforms skin’s quality to a deeply moisturized, incredibly softer, fresher and more refined skin in just one drop!
Some brands call it serum, some call it essence but they’re basically the same thing. Serum is a lightweight product, much lighter than moisturizer. That said, it is generally easier for the skin to absorb. Serums are more concentrated which helps double the effects of moisturizers. Thus, improving and speeding up the results.
L’Oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence is exactly that.; it is light and watery, consistency-wise making it ten folds easier to seep into the skin as compared to rich moisturizers. It is housed in a black glass bottle with a dropper that allows the product to be dispensed sparingly. For a mid-range drugstore brand, the packaging looks very high-end, IMHO.
Now, the basic rules in applying or layering skincare products apply. After washing the face and cleansing with toner, start with the lightest product so that’s the serum followed by moisturizer, which are often cream/gel-based.
I like how L’Oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence takes no time to absorb. I dispense a few drops on my palm and then pat it on my face to promote blood circulation. And within minutes, there is no more trace of the serum on the face, but the skin feels silky smooth. This allows me to apply the next layer of product for my skincare regimen faster – this is important to me especially when I’m in a hurry to sleep, although not wanting to skin my night time routine.
You know how much I love my holy grail Shiseido White Lucent Total Brightening Serum BUT it is rather expensive. Although I still go back to using it when my skin needs it, there are times that I have to find a more affordable substitute. And what do you know, the L’Oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence I’ve been ignoring for the past months is actually a decent alternative! And for a fraction of the cost, too!

L’Oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence doesn’t focus much on achieving brighter skintone like my HG serum. Instead, what is does is help lift tired looking skin. It combats signs of aging and rejuvenates the skin for a healthier looking glow.

I’m in my early 20’s so there isn’t much wrinkles to vanish but what I like most about this L’Oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence is that it actually makes my skin feel soft and supple the following morning. I didn’t notice any drastic change when it comes to my “laugh lines” but it does give my skin that subtle, fresh glow as if I’m always well-rested. <3
Price: Php1,495
Available at: L’Oreal Counters, Watsons and other leading department stores
I got this from the L’Oreal Exclusive BDJ Elite Box

Good news, ladies! The Great L’Oreal Sale is extended until the end of June. This gives us more time to shop and hoard our favorites from the brand. I’m thinking about trying the L’Oreal Gel Liner, what about you? đŸ™‚