In the spirit of Easter Sunday, I’ll be having a colorful hunt of my own. Instead of hunting colored eggs and putting them in an equally pretty little basket, these Lucido-L leave-on hair treatments will do. They’re just as cute and fun, right? 🙂 This is actually how I store them, inside this pink basket I got from Pinkbox’s event last year but on top of my recently-assembled Ikea Alex drawers. <3
Lucido-L is a Japanese brand under the umbrella of Mandom Corporation – the same one that brought us Pixy, Heroine Make and Gatsby. Lucido-L has a wide range of leave-on hair treatments to cater to different hair conditions and pegged hairstyles. For hair to be sufficiently hydrated, Lucido-L Hair Supplement contains Cell Membrane Complex-like ingredients to compensate for the broken CMC inside the hair follicles. CMC is important since it’s tasked to deliver moisture to the hair’s core and without it; the hair becomes dry and brittle.

After all the abuse I subjected my hair to ever since I started in college, I’m slowly accepting the fact that I’m doomed to have eternally dry and damaged hair. Well, unless I decide to shave it all off and allow to grow untouched of course. Naaahh, you know I’m exaggerating but that is an option. Haha! I did lose hope but with the right products and regular treatments, my hair is slowly getting back in shape. I’ve tried quite a lot of products and I’m pleased to say that most of them are actually very impressive. And yes, these cute and colorful Lucido-L hair supplements contributed quite a lot in keeping my hair manageable. Woohoo!
Lucido-L’s packaging sets it apart from all other brands on the shelf. With their brightly colored pump bottles, Lucido-L supplements can really catch your attention as it is differentiated from other brands. Can I just say how much I appreciate the packaging? They’re not just nice to look at but they’re very functional, too. The cap closes tightly but pops oven easily, the pump dispenses just enough product and doesn’t squirt them all over the place and lastly, the bottles themselves are light and travel-efficient. So yeah, they’re both cute and functional. 😀
Lucido-L Styling Milk Curl (Php295) is a hair treatment with styling function that helps protect hair from heat as it restores moisture. Recommended for: Hair that sports round and springy curls.
Among the 3 milk variants I currently have, this blue one (especially made for curls) is the most watery, consistency-wise. It’s very easy to apply and only takes a small amount of product. It doesn’t keep the curls up but is does make it look more natural as opposed to setting sprays. It has a mild fruity scent that seemed like a signature scent for all Lucido-L milk treatments.
Lucido-L Styling Milk Airy (Php295) is a hair treatment with styling function that coats hair strands for outstanding volume leaving dead-straight hair big and bouncy. Recommended for: Volumized hairstyles.

 My favorite go-to hairstyle is essentially straight hair with a few waves at the bottom part to give my hair volume and shape. Getting my hair rebonded makes it more manageable but I have to admit, rebonded hair sometimes looks too flat and lifeless so I always resort to ironing the lower half portion of my hair. Exactly what this yellow thingy is for! It gives my hair the needed boost of volume. It looks sexier with volume, noh? 🙂

Lucido-L Styling Milk Wave (Php295) is a hair treatment with styling function that helps maintain soft bouncy curls with lighter feeling. Recommended for: Permed hair, Coarse hair and Perm-damaged hair.

Surprisingly, this has the thickest consistency in the group. It’s almost like a body lotion in terms of texture. That said, it takes slightly more product to really cover my thick locks. My hair doesn’t feel heavy even with a few pumps-worth of product , though, and it’s still able to help hold my waves. Like the blue one, it makes the hair look a lot more natural than with hairspray, and immensely softer too. It shares the same light fruity scent as well.
Lucido-L Treatment Oil Perm (Php295) is rinse-free treatment oil that has lighter feel ingredient that helps maintain soft, bouncy curls. Recommended for: Permed hair, Coarse hair and Perm-damaged hair.
Now hair oil is something I can’t live without. If I wish to be able to comb my hair while wet, I need to apply an ample amount of hair oil to detangle it. Else, combing my hair would be a grueling task. That’s exactly what Lucido-L Treatment Oil does for me. But compared to other hair oils, this one is notably lighter, runnier and less greasy. Best of all, it doesn’t weigh the hair down or make me look like a grease ball. This is honestly my favorite from the bunch. Good thing I have 3 more of this in my stash. <3
The pretty packaging is just an added bonus because the product itself is really impressive. My hair instantly becomes softer, smoother and healthier regardless of which variant I use. They keep my hair in place much like a regular hair spray but sans the stiffness. Indeed a great addition to my battalion of trusted hair products. Healthier hair, here I come. <3
I got my Lucido-L products from Sample Room and BDJ Box but they’re also available at Watsons and other leading department stores nationwide. For more information about the brand and their latest releases, “like” Lucido-L on Facebook: