Here’s the last and final installment on my palette reviews.
I got this last Christmas along with other MAC makeups from tita ninang.
(photo from my tumblr blog,
Say ‘HI!’ to my handy dandy MAC palette in Intriguing Scarlet

Don’t you just love the red case and gem?
Like the name suggests, the palette has 6 shades. 3 of which are matte while the other 3 has a hint of shimmer to it. It also comes with a small eyeshadow brush.
1, 3 and 4 are the matte ones with neutral shades. I use 1 for highlighting my brow bone. 3 is a brown shade I use all over the lids and 4 is somehow taupe in color. I often use 4 for my other V.
5 and 6 has a bit of glitters but not as shimmery as 2.

– How can I not love the case? IT’S RED! Plus, it’s very handy.
– Even by itself (without primer), the eyeshadows lasts all day/all night.
– You can go from day look to all night-party look with just one palette that could fit in a small purse!
– I just love the colors. They’re very pigmented and vibrant even without a base color or primer.
– It’s not powdery.
– It does NOT crease!
– Even when you blend out harsh edges, you can still see distinct colors… not just one area of brownish-gray (like all the color are mixed into one dirty looking shade).

– The brush is too small and short. It’s hard to put a base color using that brush but it’s useful when adding color in the outer V.
– The case is very eye-catching but not in a good way. (baka ma-snatch when I take it out while waiting for a jeepney. LOL!)
Buy Again? I don’t know the exact price but knowing that it’s a MAC palette, I’m guessing it’s a bit pricey. LOL! Product-wise, I will have to say: BUY AGAIN!
My Verdict: 4/5