As a makeup junkie, I see my growing MAC collection as the
holy grails of my makeup stash. It first started with the 2 single eyeshadows
my mama gave me when I was still in high school. Yes, my love for makeup was
already apparent at that early stage. Then when I entered college, my love for
makeup reached its full-blown level and was made known to all the people around
me as I stop at nearly every other makeup booths we pass at the mall. And
that’s when more MAC products came rolling in. Majority of which are from my tita ninang (eyeshadow palette, lip glass,
liners and even powder foundation)
while the one I’m about to show you is
from my supportive boyfriend.
When MAC announced that they will be restocking three of
their most requested lipstick shades, I was set on buying Candy Yum Yum (a neon pink lipstick) but few days after
the announcement, it was already out of stock. They literally went flying off
the shelves! Needless to say, I was so frustrated so I kept complaining about
it to BF like I always do when I’m upset. Few weeks past and I needed to check
BF’s mail for our schoolwork only to find out that he pre-ordered the next best
shade which was Moxie. Talk about screwing up a surprise! LOL!

Moxie is a gorgeous fuchsia pink shade that gives your lips that
playful but provocative feel. It is my fool-proof confidence booster for both
day and night engagements. Unlike classic red or pink lipsticks, Moxie can be
worn for corporate events, night outs or even for a simple casual day on the
mall as it makes my lips look super sexy without being too striking.
Left: Normal Lighting Right: Under Direct Sunlight
The formulation is just outstanding. No wonder a lot of
makeup junkies love MAC lipsticks! When I first used it, I was in awe! The
color sticks like glue. I only found the need to retouch my lipstick 1-2 times. Take note that I eat A LOT. Also,
it’s not overly drying nor does it have any pungent smell.
One caveat though, being a matte type of lipstick, you can
expect it to accentuate lines in the lips due to dryness. I seriously don’t
mind though. My lips still look damn hot with this on. LOL!

After few hours. See the lines?
What’s your favorite
high end makeup brand?
I suggest you give MAC
lippies a try. They’re worth every centavo, swear! 😀