If asked what my weapon of choice is when it comes to makeup, I would readily say, “red lipsticks” without a shadow of doubt. True to heart red lipstick is a classic that never goes out of style and has the power to instantly boost a girl’s confidence. Heck, even celebrities and fashion icons were quoted when they expressed how much they love their red lipsticks. The brand, shade and undertone may vary from one woman to another but the fact remains that red lipstick really is an essential.

With that I give you my very first red lipstick from the brand every makeup junkie – myself included – wants to have in their kit, MAC. This is in the shade of Russian Red; describe as “matte blue red” on MAC’s official website. It’s a medium-dark red shade with blue-ish undertone hence the “blue red” description.

When I was looking for a true red lipstick shade on MAC’s website, I had a hard time narrowing the last three shades of reds on my list. All three shades were pretty but my wallet could only afford ONE. It was either Ruffian Red, MAC Red or this, Russian Red. I read tons of review about the three and what sold me was the common note from different international bloggers that Russian Red compliments most, if not all, skintones. Well, if you ask me, that’s the safest choice since I planned to order it abroad and won’t have any other way of trying it on first. By the way, BF got this for me. 😀
I’m really glad I picked Russian Red over the other two! <3

Like most MAC, regular line, lipsticks, Russian Red comes in a black, bullet-type tube and of course, the trademark of the brand, it’s vanilla scented but tasteless. It’s creamier than most matte lipsticks so it glides on rather smoothly compared to some. Though sometimes, it tugs my lips ever so slightly went applied. 

On my lil sis’ arm. <3
It goes on very opaque that a single stroke/layer can pretty much cover the entire lips. As the packaging states, it has a matte finish. Ergo, the staying power is way better than most as it stays on for hours after hours without feathering so you won’t end up with uneven lip color at the end of the day. Also, I noticed that it doesn’t easily transfers when I drink or eat. 
What it looks like on me.

Normally when I see the word “matte” printed on a lipstick’s packaging, I would expect it to be drying and not very forgiving when you have dry and chapped lips as they usually settle on the crevices and lines. However, with MAC Russian Red, I did not find the need to slap on lip balm at the middle of the day just so my lips won’t start cracking. I honestly believe that the formulation of this one is not drying at all!

A classic red lipstick paired with a big ‘ol shades and a vintage floral top. <3
So yeah, like I said before, MAC lipsticks are definitely worth the price. 
I surely love my Russian Red to bits!
Tell me, what’s your favorite MAC lipstick? 😉