Before I lose myself again in another book series, I want to do a quick review on my current favorite lipstick. I read a beauty article online that says every woman should own at least 4 lipstick shades: red, pink, neutral and a crazy shade she’d never wear. It’s safe to say I have quite a selection for all 4 shades with varying tones and finish. Although recently, I’ve been very fond of sporting the unusual cray cray color in the form of this MAC Season Plum. I love it so much that I’ve been wearing it to attend events, to go grocery shopping, and basically everywhere in between. Haha.
MAC Seasoned Plum Pro LongWear is a limited edition piece from the Daphne Guinness collection a few years back. It is a mid-tone lavender shade with a hint of blue base. It is the kind of medium purple that flatters any skintone as it doesn’t wash me out or make my skin look pale/dull.

Compared to MAC Pro LongWear LipCreme in Dear Diary, Seasoned Plum is smoother and softer. It applies creamily on the lips, but it goes on almost matte rather than glossy. It doesn’t drag on the lips which I absolutely love. Seasoned Plum isn’t drying on the lips, but it isn’t hydrating as well. Because of its creamy finish, it tends to settle on lines and crevices although not as much as matte lipsticks do. Exfoliating you lips and prepping it with a moisturizing lip balm beforehand will go a long way.
As expected from any MAC lipstick, the color payoff for Seasoned Plum is incredible. It goes on opaque even with a single swipe. The color is still buildable but I don’t usually apply more than 2 layers. Because believe me, with a MAC lipstick, that’s more than enough. *wink!

However, the wear time of this particular shade is not as impressive as my other MAC lippies.. I’m guessing it’s because of its creamy finish. Unfortunately for me, it transfers easily and it only takes a cup of coffee to make the color on my bottom lip to fade. So I have to keep reapplying after ever meal. It also doesn’t leave any kind of stain on the lips. Without eating or drinking, this could last for about 5 hours or so.
Although it doesn’t feather or bleed, I wouldn’t recommend applying this on your bare lips. It transfers easily so it has the tendency to look uneven. I would suggest lining the lips first with a lip liner of the same shade to improve its longevity and prevent unevenness. This shade has its drawback but I would repurchase MAC Seasoned Plum in a heartbeat just because the shade is gorgeous! <3

A proof that I’ve been wearing my MAC Pro LongWear LipCreme in Seasoned Plum literally EVERYWHERE…

What do you think of this shade? Would you try it? Is this shade cray cray enough for you? 🙂 Let me know what you think and I’ll see you on my next post. 🙂