I’ve had my lipstick phase early last year followed by the watch phase and then the mascara phase soon after that.. now my current obsession includes brow products! Unlike my previous addictions, I can’t really pinpoint what sparked the “brow phase”. I just noticed that I’ve been buying more brow products than usual. All is well, though, because I still need to do a lot of practicing to perfect my brows – believe me, I’m so far from perfecting it! I could use all the help I could get with it so let’s start with this new MakeUp Academy, or more popularly known as MUA, brow liner called Power Brow. πŸ™‚
Product Description:
(Taken from www.muastore.co.uk)
Groom you way to perfection with the MUa Luxe Power Brow, a 2 in 1 shape and highlighter pen. Apply the shade using one side of the pen, and finish with the highlighter under the arch to give eyes and instant lift.
Power Brow is a dual-ended brow product that has both filler and highlighter.  It’s so convenient to have both products in one travel-friendly packaging. The only thing that would make this even better is if they could somehow find a way to incorporate a spoolie, too. πŸ™‚ It comes in 3 shades: Fair, Mid Brown and Dark Brown. With my natural hair color, I would’ve picked the darkest shade but with my recently colored warm brown hair, I opted to get Mid Brown instead. I did great in picking the medium shade as it looks very natural on me. πŸ™‚
The slimmer end has the tawny brown shade used to fill in the brows while the other end holds the chubby, dome-shaped highlighter. I like that the filler end is slim and pointed; this way, it’s easier to make more precise lines when shaping my brows. It’s a bit waxy so a spoolie is a definite must to comb off the excess product and even out the color. Being waxy makes it a bit tricky to work with for beginners but I guess it’s what makes it long lasting despite all the sweating – the waxy consistency helps it latch on the brow hairs (or probably even on the skin) longer than most.
The highlighter, on the other hand, looks way too shimmery when swatched but to my surprise, it’s actually not – it goes so well with my skin tone! It’s very creamy which makes it extremely easy to blend out. I personally prefer using my pinky finger for this; it’s easier and faster than using a separate brush! It does an amazing job in highlighting my brows and giving it more definition in a very subtle way.
MUA Power Brow offers nice color payoff, it very easy to use and best of all, it has awesome staying power. Case in point, I had this whole body massage the other day when the masseuse started doing my head. The massage itself was great but half of me was worried that my brow liner would go all over my face as she dragged (with great pressure, I may add) her hands across my forehead starting from my brows. Not only that but I was also worried about walking out the massage place without my brows or worse, with my right brow not matching my left. HAHA. I’m glad to report that with gentle wipes using my hanky, I was able to effortlessly remove any traces across my face but still have a tint of brown on my brows!

MUA Power Brow (Mid Brown) in action:
It’s not water-proof or anything but it does have an incredible staying power. If removed on purpose after 7-8 hours of wear, the tint it leaves is more than enough to make my brows look presentable for the next few hours. πŸ™‚ I strongly recommend this to beginners and pros alike.. I’m actually thinking of getting another one for my baby sister since she’s new to this whole makeup thing. Welcome to the cult, sis! We’ve been waiting for you. HAHA! <3
Price: Php 350 (Regular Price, Php 420)
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