Receiving a bouquet of flowers is one thing, but having it arranged with the newest Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks is just taking it to a whole new level. Flowers can easily make a girl swoon.. now imagine how I felt when I received the Rebel Bouquet. It was a sure way to brighten up my, otherwise dull, day. But then again, I’m always cray cray when it comes to lipsticks. Haha.
“A burst of rebellious colors with more than enough blooming shades to choose from, these bright and dainty shades take the spotlight with a perfectly wearable trend for lips that scream floral rebellion. This season, it’s time for pastels to rebel with Color Sensational – Maybelline New York’s power lip franchise – at the helm of new shades brings you Rebel Bouquet.”
The all-new Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks are housed in bright coral red plastic tubes that are reminiscent of the previous Color Sensational line. The color of the tube is quite fitting seeing as that the new shades are just as loud and obnoxious. And for only a mere  Php299 a pop! Maybelline never really strays far from the drugstore price range which is always a good thing. They’ve always been known to deliver great quality products at affordable prices, and hey, I’m not being bias here. I’ve been using Maybelline products even before I started blogging. 🙂
The shades are absolutely gorgeous. They’re very bold and vivid. The color payoff are nice as well. I get lovely opaque color with just 2 swipes. Although lighter shades like REB05, REB06, REB07 and REB08 need more work compared to the rest of the shades in the lineup.
Charged with honey nectar, Rebel Bouquet lipsticks leave a rich and glossy finish. It appears almost liquid because of the sheer volume of gloss, but rest assured it doesn’t feel wet at all. It’s smooth and it dries ever-so slightly after an hour. It doesn’t turn completely matte, though. Having said that, it applies in the lips like a dream and it doesn’t drag on. It is not totally moisturizing but it isn’t drying on the lips, as well. Also, it is very forgiving on dry cracked lips, some more than others, of course. What I mean is that majority of the shades doesn’t settle on line and crevices of the lips. The only shades that do are REB06 and a bit of REB07.
“With 11 vivacious shades that feature a kicky bouquet of lip colors in pink, reds, and mauves, the collection’s new Color Bloom Technology infused in every lipstick ensures you have a whole new bright for lips that are never dull, washed out, or shy.”
REB01 is a classic blue-toned red shade that instantly makes the teeth look brighter. I think this is a universal thing when it comes to blue-based reds because this is also the case with some of my red MAC lipsticks. REB02 is bright mid-tone, almost salmon pink shade. REB03 is a pale peachy pink shade. REB04 is rosy red shade with a bit of coral hue. REB05 is more on the orange-leaning-towards-red kind of shade. The shade is absolutely gorgeous but I’m afraid it does make my teeth look yellowish. I wonder if it’s just me, though.
 REB06 is a pale peachy shade that goes on almost nude on the lips. I absolutely love the shade as it doesn’t washes out my skintone, but the pigment can be a slightly streaky so don’t forget to blot, blot, blot! REB07 is a light rosy mauve shade. This is very flattering on morena skin.. no wonder this instantly became my favorite! REB08 is a pale pink shade with slightly warn undertones. Also another favorite of mine because of its toned-down feel.
REB09 is a faint cherry red shade. REB10 is a bold fuchsia pink shade. REB12 is a paler, less reddish version of REB05. But it also has the same yellowing effect on my teeth. 
As you’ve probably noticed, the numbering skipped 11. My guess is that the local Maybelline didn’t bring this particular shade to our country. This brings me back to my only concern about the shades. I wish they came up with preppy, witty names to match these insanely vibrant lipsticks instead of just numbers. I believe it would be a lot easier to remember that way. Don’t you think so, too? *wink!
 Given their consistency, these Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks can stay for as long as 3-4 hours without eating. To improve their wear time and overall longevity, what I do is I outline my lips using a lip pencil of the same shade before filling up the spaces with the lipstick. I then blot the excess shine using a tissue paper. Finally, I reapply the lipstick. This is probably the oldest trick in the book but it is very effective. From a mere 3 hours, the staying powers can now extend up to 6 hours, which, considering the price, is still very impressive.
The mechanics of our giveaway will be slightly different this time around. Aside from the usual “likes”, “shares” and “follows” to qualify for the giveaway, participants will picked based on their entry. The picking of winner is completely random but to join, you’ll have to share a photo of yourself wearing any shade form the new #MNYRebelLips collection along with your beautiful declaration. It should be posted on Instagram AND Facebook. You may post as many photos as you please, but not the same photos repeatedly.

But get this, one (1) lucky reader will win not one, not two, but the entire set of the Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks! Err.. sans the flower bouquet, of course. That’s 11 new shades of gorgeous lippies that are sure to fit your every mood. All the mechanics are on the Rafflecopter Widget below but first, here’s a sample entry. 🙂

“With Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet Lipstick in REB01 on my lips, I’m rebelling against gender bias. Share your beautiful declaration and get a chance to win a complete set of the new #MNYRebelLips from @celline08! #Celline08xMaybellineGiveaway!”

And the winner is…
Congratulations! Thank you for giving your insights about my posts despite my inconsistency. And for that, you’ll be receiving this as a small token. Please email me your shipping details at or you can just simply send me a message on Facebook. If prizes are not claimed within 10 days, it will be forfeited.
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