I enjoy doing my eye makeup a lot. Although I often go for more neutral looks, I like experimenting with different colors as well. The downside with this is that I always look too made for work or even errands. I mean, who would sport a smokey eye makeup to buy groceries, right? So I try to limit my eye makeup for blog events and formal occasions. For work, I usually get by with just eyeliner and heaps of mascara – just enough to accentuate the eyes without looks OA.
From years of use, I’ve realized that the easiest and fastest to use is a pen-type liquid eyeliner, for me at least. It gives the bold and defined line that you get from liquid liners, but as quick to use as typical pencil liners. Talk about having the best of both worlds! Now that I know which type I like best, all I need to do is find a formula that doesn’t smudge.. and it must be within my price range, of course.

I found a compromise in terms of quality and price in the form of the new Maybelline HyperSharp Liner; hassle-free packaging, effortless application and at a very affordable drugstore price! The tip is soft but not flimsy; somewhere between a brush and a felt tip pen. This gives me better control in creating variety of lines. Lines can go on thin and precise, or even thick and bold. I love the intense blackness of the ink. It looks shiny and wet even when it’s not. I think this adds to the intensity of the color. <3
However, its ability to remain smudge-proof throughout the day remains to be arguable. I always always do winged eyeliner even for work, not too long though. This helps make my eyes look less droopy. Anyway, I noticed that the eyeliner along the lash line remains intact throughout the day BUT the ‘wing’ part towards the end tends to smudge and transfer to the lower part. So as long as I don’t wing it too much or too long, I’ll get by just fine the whole day. Or another alternative for me is to lightly dab an eyeshadow primer before lining it. *wink!
That said, this Maybelline HyperSharp Eyeliner has become my everyday go-to eyeliner for work and other minor errands. I got this during their Maybelline Makeup Madness Sale last May for only Php279 and after using it for the first time, I immediately regretted not hoarding them before the sale ended. Good thing they made a permanent markdown on most of their items so I don’t have to hoard anymore. Yehey! I’m definitely going to repurchase more of this soon. 🙂
Price: ~Php279
Available at: Maybelline Counters in Watsons and Other Leading Department Stores
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