This might come as a surprise to most of you but I don’t really carry a lot of makeup with me when I leave the house. Well, not anymore, at least. There was a time when I used to bring everything in my bag – planner, iPad, sanitizer, umbrella, pens, charger, powerbank, wallet, phone, a complete makeup kit for retouching and a few more junk. I only realized that I carry too many things (waaay too many unnecessary things) when my boyfriend started complaining how heavy my bag usually is. I mean, why do I need an umbrella when I’m driving my car? It’s not like it’s going to rain inside the car. iPad AND planner? Err.. there’s such a thing as calendar app for that. Primer and foundation in my retouch kit? In what instance would I be asked to wash my face and redo my entire makeup while at a mall? That’s just silly.
Now as a favor to the one carries my bag when we go out on dates, I decided to keep things at a minimum. I only bring things that I true need and in terms of makeup, just 2-3 essential products. And by essential I mean powder, blush and lipstick. πŸ™‚
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White Super Fresh Powder. Stay fresh, fair, and matte for up to 12 hours! Enriched with Mineral Perlite, you have 5x the absorption power of talc. Fresh, radiant look. Flawless, even coverage. Long-lasting matte finish with SPF 34 PA+++
Much like my go-to Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder Foundation years ago, this new and improved Maybelline White Super Fresh Powder comes in the same white, rectangular plastic compact with a sizable mirror and a separate area for the sponge. The packaging is sleek and simple. It is lightweight and travel-efficient as well because of it’ slim sides. However, if you’re planning to pack light, I would suggest getting the refill compact instead to save space. πŸ™‚
One thing I admire about Maybelline compact powders is the sponge. It’s not like most sponges that come free. Maybelline sponges are soft and incredibly durable! I’ve been using Maybelline powders all throughout college and not once have I experience shedding. Another thing is the holes right below the sponge compartment. Ever wonder what they’re for? It is to my personal belief that these holes allow it to breathe and not accumulate mold from sweating. Yes, little things like this count – for me, at least.
Maybelline White Super Fresh Powder is a finely-milled powder pressed in a small compact for everyone’s convenience. It isn’t too chalky and the powder itself doesn’t go everywhere even when used with brush. It isn’t messy to use. The powder is easy to apply. It provides sheer to medium coverage, too. I personally like using it as a setting powder so I apply it sparingly with a fluffy powder brush. It doesn’t offer much coverage this way so if you’re after good coverage, you might want to use a separate base product (foundation or concealer) for it. I got the shade 04 Honey which is just perfect for my NC35 skin tone. It applies nicely on the skin but I noticed that it can accentuate severely dry patches. For that I recommend thoroughly moisturizing the skin as your prep it for makeup. 
During the launching of the Maybelline White Super Fresh Powder, we tested how well it absorbs water compared to other competitor products. It was insane how well Maybelline White Super Fresh Powder sipped the water dry whereas the other powder kept every droplet of water on the surface. Curious as to how it performed on the Sure Fresh Test, check it out HERE and see it for yourself. *wink!

To say that the Super Fresh Test made me excited to try out the Maybelline White Super Fresh Powder for myself is an understatement. I was so eager to find out if Maybelline White Super Fresh Powder would also be able to absorb oil and water for when I sweat and at the same time, remain intact without caking. Especially with this intense heat! >.< 
I applied it on around 9 in the morning and I constantly checked it from time to time to see if it really does stay put. I ended the day with a nice dinner with my boyfriend at around 7pm and look, I don’t look as haggard as I normally do. My lipstick was the only thing I retouched mid-day and my day consisted of long commutes to and from school. I had to blot off my T-Zone area for slight oiliness at around noon, though. And my blush faded, too. I guess I should have opted to use cream blush or tint at the very least since they’re more long wearing. But other than that, my makeup looked fine.
Overall, I’d say I’m very impressed with the new Maybelline White Super Fresh Powder. It offered decent coverage, it helped keep oiliness at bay and most importantly, my makeup didn’t look cakey despite all the sweating from the commute. Not bad for a budget-friendly powder, eh? πŸ™‚
Price: Php299
Available at: Maybelline Counters in Watsons and Other Leading Department Stores
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