Between the highlight and contour duo, I see highlighters as
a friend. Contour powders, on the other hand, I’m embarrassed to say that we
still haven’t settled our love-hate relationship mostly because I still lack
practice and with contour, there is only this very thin margin for error. As in
there are a lot of factors that could easily go wrong which would end up making
you look“madungis” if you don’t do it
properly. Unlike with highlighters, a simple swipe of a brush or several
dabbing motions with the use of your fingers and you’re good to go!
Instant glow and freshness in a bottle; now, that’s
MeMeMe Beat the Blues Highlighter.
MeMeMeBeat the Blues Highlighter comes in two shades;
Sunbeam and Moonbeam. Sunbeam is more of a golden beige color which blends
nicely on morena skin tone while
Moonbeam is pink-ish white that’s perfect for those gifted with fairer
complexion (mestiza). Both have tiny
shimmer particles that give off a subtle iridescent glow without looking like a
disco ball!
Both shade of highlighters are housed in a small bottle with
a brush that is very similar to that of nail polishes. Well, if you come to
think of it, the entire packaging actually resembles a typical nail polish. It
is of the same size, amount (12mL)
and applicator.
The product itself has a very thick cream-like consistency
that is easy to blend using the fingers. Even an amateur can pull this off!
Seriously, even a person who lived under a rock for decades would know how to
use it immediately after seeing the applicator. LOL! Ok, that was exaggerated but you get my point.
Under natural lighting.
How I Use It: I
just add a couple of dots of the product on the highest point of my cheekbones
and blend it with a dabbing or circular motion using nothing but my clean
fingers. Blend the product until it looks seamless. I’ll be posting my daily makeup routine which includes this product
Viola! A healthier looking glow in just seconds! Don’t let
stress get the best of you. Fake that glow and forget about looking haggard and
Under white artificial lighting.
Unlike with powder highlighters, cream highlighters like
such is not easily transferred. You no longer have to worry about leaving your “fake glow” on your hanky whenever you
wipe your sweat. Also, even when you retouch with powder in the middle of the
day, some of the shimmer particles still show as the staying power of this is
just awesome!
One compromise I had to make with this product… it has a
mildly pungent smell like soapy or something like that. It is a minor issue but
it did tick me off during the first time I used it. I think I just have a
sensitive nose since when I asked BF to smell it, he didn’t notice anything. Oh
well, I learned to live with it. It was nothing major, really. Honestly, I’m
still smitten with the brand.
Available at MAKEUPHOLICS.
Bought this during the Phil-Expo 2012 Bazaar for Php 360.
Have you heard of this brand before? They have really
promising products!
What highlighter do you usually use? Let me know.