MeMeMe Eye Sweep Liner is a pen-like mechanical liner with a thin felt
tip applicator. It dries much like a liquid liner minus all the mess and the fuss since it
dries twice as fast. I personally find it easier to use than liquid liner as
the pen-like structure give me better control and precision for a symmetrical
winged line. MeMeMe Eye Sweep Liner offers a variety of thickness and intensity
depending on how you hold your pen.
Available at Makeupholics for Php 440.
I just like how easy it is to create the perfect cat eye winged look
with MeMeMe Eye Sweep Liner. I actually created several looks using this liner
just because it’s faster to use and it doesn’t chip off like Ever Bilena Liquid
Liner. I’ll be posting some of the looks in the coming weeks or when I gather
enough courage… Whichever comes first. LOL!
I use this liner on a daily basis though I’ve found some minor things
about it that ticked me off. First, it has a chemical smell which is pretty hard to
ignore. Most of you prolly know by now that I have Blepharitis (inflammed lash
and very sensitive eyes so I’m quite picky when it comes to eye
makeup. Second, it’s not smudge-proof. I’m seriously in need of a heavy duty
liner because one of the symptoms of Blepharitis is watery eyes. People usually
think I’m crying for no apparent reason but no, my eyesjust tend to cry
voluntarily. LOL! Also, I have this habit of rubbing my eye which is a
define no-no for this liner unless you want to look like a raccoon.
TIP: Use the thinnest part (tip) when working with the inner part of the
eyes then slightly tilt the liner as you work your way out to make the line
thicker, more symmetrical line.
Click HERE to view the list of products used for this look.
Is MeMeMe Eye Sweep Liner the perfect liner? For me personally, no. But
this would work just fine provided that the one using it doesn’t have watery
eyes or the nasty habit of rubbing their eyes. Oh well, looks like I’ll have to
invest on a more expensive smudge-proof liner. Hmmm.. MAC Fluidline? *wink
Have you tried MeMeMe Eye Sweep Liner? So what do you think?
And oh! Can you suggest a cheaper alternative for MAC Fluidline liner?