*My friend got me this when she went to Korea. Thanks, Joy! 🙂

To be perfectly honest, I don’t even know the exact name of the product. I just based it on the picture in front of the packaging. LOL! Everything is written in Korean and obviously, I can’t read Korean. But I do know some Korean words like an nyeong ha se yo (hello), a ni yo (no),  yeo (yes), gam sa ham ni da (thank you), an nyeong (hello/good bye), po do ju (wine), mul (water), il (one), yi (two), sam (three) — again, this is because my boyfriend loves anything Korean and I often play the Korean guessing game with him on his iPad.
Enough with the Korean tutorial so I can begin the proper review.
Atleast I know the brand is Missha. Sorry to disappoint, I have no idea how much this facial wash costs.
I use this facial wash together with my SkinSonic Skincare System because I like how foamy it is and that I can see the foam turn beige because of the makeup residue on my face.
– It smells good. The hint of green apple scent to it is not overwhelming.
– Its foamy and I can see the foam change color as it removes the makeup 
(when used with SkinSonic Skincare System).
– A pea-size is all you’ll need to wash the face.
– Doesn’t dry up the face even with frequent washing.
– Face doesn’t feel stretched or tight after use. 
– Not locally available.
– When used on its own, it doesn’t remove as much makeup.
Buy Again? Yes, that is if I can find where to buy one or if my friend is kind enough to buy me another one when she goes back to Korea. LOL!
My Verdict: 4/5