Before I started blogging, there were 3 lipstick brands I
wanted to try but are too expensive for me; MAC, Lime Crime and, you guessed it, Models Own. And
fortunately for me, I got to try most of Models Own’s gorgeous shades all
thanks to Reg of Chic Cosmetics. I was really blown away when she said she
wants to send me all her available MO shades. I was like, FINALLY! Haha. I’ve
been eyeing MO lippies for the longest time. I now, I get to try out 7 shades.
How’s that for an early Christmas gift? *happydance

Models Own lipsticks are known for their unique and, dare I
say it, futuristic packaging. Whenever I use it, I feel like of the girls from
the The Jetsons on Cartoon Network. LOL! MO lipsticks are encased in this
thick transparent plastic tube. Mind you, they are surprisingly sturdy and I
like how the cap locks securely when pressed firmly on the tube’s body. This
way I don’t have to worry that the lipstick would stain the insides of my bag.

As expected, each MO tube offers a unique opaque color – I must say, in terms of color pay off, MO
did not disappoint
. Though the intensity of the color varies as I noticed
that each lipstick has almost the different formulation. Say like, Coral is
creamier so it glides smoother than Pinky Red. Nonetheless, each shade is very

Models Own lipsticks are generally creamy and soft. So soft
actually that I have to depot Deep Fuchsia because I accidentally left it in my
bag inside the car. Also, it tends to seep into lines and cracks. So I wouldn’t
recommend this to those with severely dry lips. Better slab on a generous amount
of heavy duty lip conditioner and scrub of dead skin before apply this. But
other than that, being creamy, it’s a joy to apply on my lips. It glides
effortlessly, smoothly and doesn’t contribute to any more dryness.

I had a hard time taking pictures of 2 particular shades; Hot Pink and Deep Fuchsia. Simply because the colors are so loud (almost neon-ish) and they tend to reflect light. My camera can’t give justice to their oh-so-pretty color so I kept redoing the shoot. It was worth it though as I am totally inlove with these 2 shades.
Deep Fuchsia is very Nicki Minaj-ish, don’t you think? Perfect for wild night outs. *wink
Coral Pink reminds me of an Aztec tribe or something because of the gold hints that are very prominent. Like a tribe princess with golden dusts on my smackers. LOL!
Coral is this bright summer-y orange shade that would better fit mestizas, I think. 
Each lipsticks have a natural glossy finish from the creamy texture
but for the lasting power, uhmm so-so,
I guess since I always feel the need to retouch my lipstick after I eat because
the creaminess prevents the color to really adhere to the lips. Overall, I have
no major complain. 


Matt Hyper Brite also has the same packaging as the other
line. But unlike the previous lipsticks, MO Matt Hyper Brite has a more
prominent sweet vanilla scent; Stronger on Pink Hawaiian than on Flaming Red
though. But still very tolerable.

IMHO, Matt Hyper Brite is not as matte as most people would
expect. It has a slight sheen to it compared to my typical matte lipsticks. I
personally like it this way because being semi-matte with a hint of sheen; Matt
Hyper Brite can be very forgiving. Why? First, it’s a great color payoff but
not as drying as matte lipstick of course. Second, it glides smoothly but still
maintains a better staying power than other creamy lipsticks. Lastly, it
doesn’t settle on lines. So it kinda gives you the benefits of all lipstick

If I had to choose my top 3 amongst these shades, I think it
would be Deep Fuchsia, Hot Pink and Flaming Red (not in any order). And I guess my least favorite would be Coral…
only because I don’t think it’s flattering for my skin tone. So overall, I
would recommend this to girls who love colored smackers. But if ever you do
decide to buy a tube, I’d suggest you spare a couple more moolah and get the
Matt Hyper Brite instead. Believe me, the small price difference is worth it.
Models Own surely did live up to my expectation.
I guess there’s only
one last lipstick brand lemming left to fulfill.
Lime Crime, you’re
next. 🙂