Remember the Watsons Wonders Beauty Box I shared with you a just last month? If not, you can check it out HERE. After that post, I almost automatically placed all the contents of that box in one of my beauty stashes since I still had products I was currently trying and I don’t want to mix up results. Anyway, during our Hong Kong trip last month, I saw the other Moist Diane variant in one of the boutiques in the HK International Airport which reminded me that I have that at home and that I should give it a try soon. However, I got very preoccupied since we came back so it kinda slipped me.

Good thing I saw Xiaxue post a photo of her endorsing Moist Diane on her Instagram account which totally convinced me to dig these out of my stash and start using them. Perfect timing, too, since I just emptied my favorite Biolage Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner that time.

Product Description:
Moist & Shine. Using Ion Complex Technology, it helps repair the hair from the core. Cuticles on the damaged hair are suppressed from lifting up to achieve silky, smooth, healthy-looking hair. Specially formulated for ling damaged hair as it repairs the hair from within, promoting soft and silky hair. It contains Apple Stem Cells to prolong hair’s natural life cycle and reduce hair loss. 

I believe Moist Diane comes in 2 variants: Volume & Scalp, and this one, Moist & Shine. They come in these hefty pump bottles that are made to look expensive by the embossed diamond details on the thick plastic bottle. Both the shampoo and treatment have this distinct light wild berries scent to them that’s very soothing especially when the whole bathroom is engulfed by the smell. <3

Moist Diane prides itself for containing 2 cleansing oils that are said to give better results than ordinary shampoo and conditioners. First oil is something that is very popular as of the moment, the Moroccan Argan Oil. It is greatly known for its richness in Vitamin E. No wonder why a lot of hair and body products lately seem to have Argan Oil as their main ingredient. The other one is the Boabab Oil, a plant-derived oil that is said to contain heaps of rare oil that is an excellent natural substitute for moisturizer.

The shampoo is rather light. It foams up nicely as it creates rich dense foam that thoroughly cleanses my hair. I love how it feels after – as if my scalp is squeaky clean but not dry at all.  It really feels clean and it removes that excess oil on my scalp after a long day outside. In shampoo and conditioner duos, my favorite is always the conditioner simply because it makes my hair softer than if I don’t use it but with Moist Diane, I genuinely like the shampoo much better. <3

Moist Diane doesn’t have conditioner; they call it treatment. Err.. the treatment is very rich and thick which makes it a bit difficult to pump out of the bottle at times. It glides on my hair and the scent just stays on for hours. If you ask me, it is aptly called treatment rather than conditioner because it offers far greater results than typical conditioners. It makes my damaged hair soft, shiny and voluminous, too.

The only thing missing here is the result for the hair loss claims. They claim that the Apple Stem Cells in these products should prevent further hair loss however, after using the entire bottles together, I did not notice any improvement in that area. My hair feels slightly stronger which is a good sign, of course, but I’m really expecting more from it in that category to really distinguish the brand from run-of-the mill haircare products.

Overall, I really think Moist Diane is a great product for damaged hair and if you’re looking for something that is a level up from your ordinary haircare products. But for severe hair loss problems, I strongly recommend Biolage FiberStrong haircare line. Read review HERE.

Available at: SM Watsons