In the morning, it usually takes me 15-20 minutes to complete my everyday makeup routine – more than a fifth or 4 minutes of which goes to doing my brows. My combined BB cream + concealer + setting routine is such a breeze compared to my brows. Yup, it takes me forever to finish my brows. They’re always hard to shape the arcs evenly. Argh!

But no matter how much I dread doing my brows, I believe they’re one of the most important steps in doing makeup as they can totally change my look depending on how it frames my face. It’s a step no one should skip.. well, unless your a brow goddess. In that case, by all means, leave your brows untouched. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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This kit has everything you need for Beautiful Brows. Includes: Magnifying Mirror great for seeing even the smallest stray hairs, 3 Brow Stencils for creating the perfect shape, Double-ended Pencil in (blond/brown-black) for all skin tones and a Precision Sharpener makes a perfect point every time.
This Naked Minerals Beautiful Brow Kit basically has everything a “brow virgin” would need and maybe a little more. It comes with this magnifying mirror that could be pressed against almost anything. It can offers a closer look of your brows thus giving better precision for both application and grooming. However, I find it too distracting to use. I personally don’t use this simply because staring at it makes me dizzy. I wonder, is it just me or is this mirror really nauseating to use? If you’ve used this before, do let me know.
If you’re going to get your brows shaped for the first time, I suggest having it done by professionals. In my case, I usually visit Lay Bare to have my brows threaded but in terms of maintenance, I do it myself. If you don’t have the budget to go to brow salons every other month, brow stencils would be your safest bet.
There are 3 stancils included in the kit: full, natural and thin. They’re made of soft rubbery plastic so it doesn’t slide around that much when used. Depending on my mood, I often interchange “full” and “natural” to get that clean, youthful but still natural looking brows. To get a more matured look, try using the “thin” stencil for a more polished, sophisticated feel.
Naked Minerals Beautiful Brow Kit would not be complete without a brow pencil and a matching sharpener, right? This particular kit comes with a double-ended brow pencil that has 2 very different shades to cater to more diverse looks and skintones. 
On one end is a muted ash brown shade that’s great for blondes and other lighter colored hair. On the opposite side is a darker brown-black shade for deeper, stronger looking brows. They’re both very soft and creamy which allows them to glide on smoothly when used. Also, they’re very pigmented so a little definitely goes a long way. When using this for the first time, make sure to use light, feathery strokes to avoid accidentally putting too much. One caveat though, both ends could be a bit waxy so make sure to prepare a spoolie or brow brush within reach to spread any excess and remove the clump of color.
 Naked Minerals Beautiful Brow Kit Delux in action! (Click photo to enlarge)
The brow pencil is very user-friendly, if you know what I mean. It took me no more than a minute and a half for the photo above. I used the “thick” stencil. I then filled it in using the lighter shade for the head part of the brow and finished using the darker shade for the middle part and the tail. I brushed my brows using a spoolie upwards, going out to blend the two shades seamlessly.
It stays on for a good 5-6 hours with constant sweating – just don’t rub it. After a long day, it just vanishes. If you ask me, at least it doesn’t smudge during wear. Anyway, that staying power is more than enough for quick errands and short classes but not for all-nighters and parties. So yeah, I would still recommend this to school girls and for everyday use.
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