I know I’m not the only one when I say that bronzers and contour powders used to confuse me then I started experimenting with makeup. I’ve been getting quite a lot of questions about this lately but basically the difference lies on the shimmers. You see, the main purpose of contouring is to create a sharper, more sculpted feature by creating an illusion of a shadow. One common example would be the way we contour our cheeks. We put a matte brown powder/cream that is 2 shades darker than our skintone on the hallows of our cheek to “shadow it” and consequently making the cheekbone look higher in the process.

Now if you use a shimmery brown shade to contour, it then defeats the purpose of contouring since instead of making a shadow, you are actually emphasizing it as the shimmer reflects light and, of course, attention. In short, if it’s shimmery or has specks of glitters in it, it’s a bronzer.

Product Description:
(Taken from www.nakedminerals.com)

Look like you just got back from a tropical vacation every day, minus the sun’s damaging rays. This two part bronzer has a deep brown side to allow you control on how dark you go, but also a light golden side for the right amount of glow. It’s ideal for travel as your all-in-one eye, cheek, and lip color in a convenient compact. Mix the colors together or use them alone. Whichever you choose it is sure to make you sizzle!
As expected from Naked Minerals’ products, their Bronzer Duo is also housed in a very glass-like, plastic compact. The overall packaging is absolutely classy, durable and neat. I’ve always admired the brand’s simple yet sophisticated choice in packaging. <3 Compared to their highlighter and blush that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, this duo is a lot bigger in size for it contains a whooping 10.9g of product! No wonder it’s a lot heavier than the other two. It’s still slim but not as travel-efficient. It’s not a big deal for me though since I don’t really bring my bronzer with me for retouch. 
You might not know this about me but I only bring my compact powder, blush, lip balm and 2 lipsticks in my everyday makeup kit to school. I’ve outgrown the “oversized hobo bag” phase so I have to squeeze everything in my tiny sling bag. *wink!
Both Sunrise and Sunset are soft on the skin. Although they are not as fine as I prefer, it’s nice that they aren’t scratchy on the skin nor are they chalky. They’re a bit powdery but not at all messy to use. They’re relatively easy to apply and blend out without losing the color all together. I love how pigmented it is – enough to build the color but not insanely pigmented that it’s easy to overdo. 
The color payoff is what I would refer to as “forgiving” even to makeup beginners as they can use it with ease. I’m not very meticulous when it comes to product ingredients but I noticed that this bronzer duo contains mica, a mineral that’s commonly known for its oil control property. How great is that!
Sunset is a medium brown shade with tiny specks of shimmers in it. Sunrise, on the other hand, is somewhat a champagne-y beige shade that has nice satin finish – much like a shimmery cream highlighter, only it’s powder. Both colors are very versatile, if you ask me. They’re really gorgeous and I’ve found a lot of different ways to use them.
TIP: For the cheeks, lightly brush on Sunset to give you that athletic, edgy look and then dot a few Sunrise on the apples of your cheek (where light usually hits) to create a healthy, glowing look. Don’t forget to blend the highlight shade using your clean fingers until it looks seamless. For the eyes, use Sunset to emphasize the crease area by giving depth to the socket. Move on to Sunrise for highlighting the brow bone and the inner corner of the eyes. If you wish to add more glamour to that simple everyday eye makeup, use Sunrise again on the middle part of the lids just to give it a little oomph. Again, blending is the key. πŸ˜‰
Given that it can be pretty humid in our country and that I often wipe my face with tissue whenever I sweat, this Naked Minerals Bronzer Duo was able to stay on for a good 4 hours. What more if I stay in an air-conditioned room for an entire day, right? Both shades are great and all but if I have to pick my favorite, it would have to be Sunrise just because it is very different from Korean highlighters, say Etude House Secret Beam Highlighter (Read review HERE). This one doesn’t look too obvious on me. It’s actually a lot like Naked Luminous Minerals Highlighter in Universal (Read review HERE) only creamier and shinier. <3
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