I’ve been cleaning my laptop the whole afternoon and by “cleaning”, I mean deleting pictures from previously posted reviews, hauls and events. What are the chances of coming across a whole folder of unposted reviews! Talk about being unorganized. The photos, apparently, were taken late last year. Imagine the backlogs. Sheesh! >.<
So from here on out, I’ll be posting those missed reviews. Too bad I wasn’t able to publish this review on Naked Minerals’ brushes before the giveaway. Now that I think of it, I think my winners already received their prizes. <3 Dear winners, let me know what you think of the brushes, okay? Anyway, here’s my take on the lovely royal blue Naked Minerals Brushes.
Product Description:
(Taken from www.nakedminerals.com)
We believe the best makeup needs the best brushes. Other brushes are manufactured using cheaper methods. Naked Minerals™ brushes are made using high-quality manufacturing standards. Each Naked Minerals™ brush is handmade from quality tips for precise shaping and feathering. Our exclusive professional brush set gives you the tools you need for perfect application your Naked Minerals™, all in one stylish, convenient pouch!
Foundation Brush. For a foundation brush, I think this may be a little too thick. It has the tendency to sip the foundation to its ferrule and create streaks when used with cream foundation. Synthetic brushes are still better for cream foundations. It’s not scratchy on the skin and is actually very soft but very, very tricky to use. I personally use this only when dealing with powder foundations wherein I’d just have to pat in on specific areas to avoid oiliness and shine.
Blush Brush. This brush holds a lot of promise. This, like most of the other brushes, is made of natural hair, guessing from the feel of it. The bristles are soft and fluffy although not as dense as I want it to be. It picks up decent amount of blush so I don’t have to swirl my brush repeatedly on the blush for the color to show up. Also, the angle makes it great for applying contour on the hollows of the cheeks, too. It makes the contour look subtle and barely noticeable.
Eyeliner Brush. Unlike most of the brushes in the set, this eyeliner brush’s bristles are made of nylon. For lining the upper part of the eyes and creating winged looks, I prefer using the angled brush [refer to photo below] but for lining the waterline and tight lining the eyes, this does an amazing job! The precise but soft bristles make it easier to line the eyes without literally dragging the brush across the eyes. It just makes it that much easier.
 Brow Brush. Like the former, this is made of nylon. What I like about this is that it’s fine and thin – it can create the most precise brow tail for a more defined look. It works great for winged liners, too, given its clear-cut angle. Plus it’s synthetic so works well for gel liners. 🙂
 Domed Eyeshadow Brush. This is made out of natural hair so it picks up a great amount of pigment. The shape is just right to pat on the color on the lids as well. It’s soft and doesn’t feel scratchy at all! I just hate scratchy eyeshadow brushes since I have sensitive eyes. Although too big for blending, this is perfect for putting on base colors or even for basic, single shade eye makeup.
Angle Eyeshadow Brush. Okay, I know it says “eyeshadow brush” but I like using it in contouring my nose. The angle creates a blurred but still defined nose line. I hope that makes sense because I swear, it does. It’s soft and fluffy thus making it easy to blend out the line, too.
Spoolie. When my addiction for makeup started, I didn’t care much for spoolies – for me, they’re a waste of space in a brush set, why not include a “real” brush instead, huh! But that was then. I appreciated spoolies more when I spend a lot of my time doing my brows. Believe me; spoolies make a hell of a difference! It can turn a bold, harsh brow line to a soft, natural-looking one. Spoolies from different brands don’t differ much from each other though and this one is pretty good in that sense.
Retractable Lip Brush. My absolute favorite from the set! Aside from the pretty metallic blue case and the fact that it’s great to have in my makeup kit, it makes lipstick application look cleaner and the lip shape is more defined with this compared when applied straight from the tube. The bristles are soft and very easy to wash, too. I just love this! <3
 9-Piece Set (including a blue travel pouch)
Price: USD79.95 (Regular Price, USD89.95)
Now for the brushes that weren’t included in the set:

Concealer Brush. |  Price: USD12.95 (Regular Price, USD17.95)
I have to say, next to the foundation brush, this is probably my least favorite basing from my first impression alone. It’s too small so it takes a while for me to work my concealer under my eye area. I guess this was made for spot concealing and not for undereye problems. Next, just like the foundation brush, it has the tendency to make cream products look streaky. It works well with lightweight, liquid concealer though.

Premium Handmade Kabuki Brush | Price: USD19.95 (Regular Price, USD29.95)
This is personally the biggest letdown of the bunch. The bristles are made of natural hair so it does pick up a lot of product and is able to apply it on the skin lightly for that natural look. It’s dense and soft during the first few times I used it. However, after 2 washes, I noticed that the bristles started falling off gradually. It’s no longer as soft as before – it became scratchy. So far, this is the only brush that had minor shredding after wash. 🙁 Too bad because the shape and the size is convenient for traveling as well. This Handmade Kabuki Brush would’ve been a great travel companion.
That’s about it for my overdue review on the Naked Minerals Brushes. Like in all brush sets, not all are created equally. There will always be those who are better than the others and in this particular case, it’s the Retractable Lip Brush. HAHA! I heard from a very reliable source that Naked Minerals would be undergoing a complete makeover. I hope they can fix some of the brushes because they are very promising as is but still has a lot of room for improvement. I’d love to see what they’ll do with these for their relaunch. 🙂
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