I’ve been getting a lot of questions from my readers lately about makeup for teens so I decided to put this review up first before anything else from the brand. Those who are in high school are now very eager to start wearing makeup but do bear in mind that you’re still young and your skin is still somewhat sensitive. That being said, I would recommend sticking to products that are light both in terms of content and pigmentation – so as to allow room for error. Make sure that the product is from a trusted brand and that it wouldn’t cause breakout. As much as possible, use mineral or, if you’re really sensitive, purely organic products. You can’t go wrong with those!

Anyway, I’ll discuss that topic further on another post. For now, allow me to do a review on a mineral blush that I would most likely recommend to makeup beginners and teens alike.

 Product Description:
(Taken from www.nakedminerals.com)
Color Wash (Cheek n’ Lip) Mineral Blush: This long-lasting pure pigment comes in lovely warm-tones and cool-tones, which flatter all shades of skin beautifully. Go from “Barely There” to “Bold” simply by controlling how many layers you apply. This product takes all the guesswork out of trying to match your cheek and lip color by being both steps in one.
Like almost all of Naked Minerals’ products, their Color Wash Cheek ‘n Lip comes in a very durable transparent plastic compacts. Believe me, there’s nothing tacky about their plastic packaging as they are thick and almost glass-like. It makes it look very classy.. although I’m a bit worried that it could just as easily get scratched. The overall packaging for their blush is very slim and small which makes it handy during travel. I’m sure this would fit easily in any makeup purse – I should know because I was able to make it fit inside my crowded little everyday kikay kit that I bring to school. 🙂
Naked Minerals Color Wash Mineral Blush is not exactly what I would describe as “finely-milled” but it is soft on the skin and isn’t scratchy at any rate. It isn’t chalky or powdery too which makes it easier to blend. When I swirl my brush on it, some parts go back to its powder form which is conflicting because I did not experience any fallout with this product when applied. Plus it glides on effortlessly across my cheeks. I personally prefer using Naked Minerals Blush brush or even Virginia Olsen’s Angled Blush brush (Read review HERE).
According to their official website, this could also be used on the lips when mixed with their Lip Glaze. I haven’t tried it yet but I suppose it’s the same process as the usual DIY lip color using petroleum jelly and some eyeshadow shavings. Let me know if you want to see how it’s done or how this would look like when used as a colored gloss. 😉
Color Wash Mineral Blush comes in 3 shades. Just Peachy is a medium peach with a tinge of old rose shade. It’s pretty much a universal shade as it complements any skin tone. However, I feel that it would look best on those with fairer skin. Naked Minerals Color Wash Mineral Blush has a decent color payoff.The pigmentation is light and forgiving so it’s rather difficult to overdo even for those with nonexistent blending skills. It isn’t crazily pigmented which makes it easy to use especially for those who are just starting out with makeup. It doesn’t show well on photos but it definitely gives the skin a nice healthy glow in person. It looks rather light on the skin but you can always build up the intensity of the color by layering the product on. 
Given that the shade doesn’t look obvious on my morena skin, I can’t really pinpoint at what exact time the blush totally faded. It appears more like a natural flushed look than a blush on me – great for the “no makeup” makeup look. But since I still retouch my blush midday, I’d say that the color starts to fade at around 3-4 hours after application. That’s after a long commute to school, about 20-minute walk to our building and a lot of sweating. LOL! The staying power is not amazing but it is considerably good of a mineral makeup. More importantly, it didn’t cause nor aggravated my recent breakout.
Price: $16.95 (Regular Price, $23.95)
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