Here’s another one from my forgotten-but-recently-discovered folder of products to review. I can’t believe I forgot about this when just last week I used this for a couple of days straight. Something must be really wrong with the part of my brain where memory is located. I must’ve bopped my head too hard as a kid. HAHA. Naaah, I’m just very disorganized, that’s all. I should really start listing my “review list” and then check them off when I’m done. Ohh, let’s start with this one. πŸ™‚
Product Description:
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Treat your lips to the creamy smooth feel of Naked Minerals’ new line of lipstick. Made with the purest ingredients, Naked Minerals lipsticks go on smooth – enhancing lips with rich, radiant color, and invigorating and refreshing your senses with a peppermint aroma.

Naked Minerals’ one and only lipstick comes in a clear plastic tube that feels a little too tacky for my taste. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve dropped this several times and it still hasn’t cracked even the tiniest bit so it is, indeed, very sturdy. But, I guess, if they made the plastic thick, more glass-like it would give the lipstick a more high-end feel.

And yes, they only have ONE shade of lipstick, Stunning, which they describe as a universal mauve color. For me, it’s more of a slightly metallic old rose shade. It’s true that the shade is universally flattering to almost all skintones but still, I’d like to have more shade selection for lipstick. This one is very good actually that I want to see them make more shades with different finishes.


It has a mild beeswax scent to it; same as Naked Lips – All Natural Lip Balm (Read review HERE) but definitely not as strong. Like I said, this Naked Minerals Lipstick has a bit of metallic finish so when I wear it on dry lips, it tends to accentuate the dry spots. It doesn’t really settle on the cracks and crevices but the sheen finish makes it more obvious.

The color payoff and the staying power, 3-4 hours with heavy eating, is pretty nice, too. One swipe is usually enough for a normal day but when I want to intensify the color, I can always build it up. It transfers on glasses like most lipsticks but I’m surprised that majority of the color stays on the lips. This is actually a pretty nice lipstick – worth trying. Again, I just wish they had more shades to choose from. πŸ™‚

Price: $12.95 (Regular Price, $16.95)
Available at: Naked Minerals

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