I’m on a blogging roll ladies! I’m back with yet another eyeliner review and this time around, it’s from a mineral makeup brand that I know is relatively new to you. I’ve been using quite a lot of Naked Minerals products lately and I have to say, this has got to be one of my favorites from the brand. It’s not perfect.. it has its flaws like most products but I was able to find a great use for them.

Let me share with you my two cents on Naked Minerals’ Mineral Eye Pencil.
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Naked Minerals Mineral Eye Pencils are much like kohl liners but in a more user-friendly packaging. They come in ultra slim retractable plastic tubes that are lightweight and very convenient to carry around. Although I am a bit worried that the plastic packaging is not very sturdy and the twisting part that retracts the product kinda locks sometimes too. The liners inside are very thin which allows me to create lines with varying thickness. I don’t have to worry about not being able to sharpen them because I’m sure to get thin, precise lines every time. What I particularly like about the packaging is that the shade names are clearly indicated on the lower part. This makes it easier to find the right shade than say, having to open and twist each one just to find out what shade it is. πŸ™‚
The color payoff of these liners is awesome. I don’t need to run it through several times just to get a decent line out off it. However, because of they are very similar to typical kohl liners, they have a tendency to smudge when not set properly. The staying power is nice too.. with the exception of the blonde shade. It stays on twice as long as the other two! Probably because of the difference in consistency?
Consistency- and texture-wise, all three mineral eyeliners are very soft and creamy – some more than the other. The black one is very creamy that it glides on incredibly smoothly and without any tugging on the skin. But like I said, with the creaminess comes the tendency to smudge. Now the brown one is soft and colors effortlessly too but it doesn’t smudge as much. Lastly, the blonde one is harder than the other two – it’s not as creamy and it takes more effort for the color to really show up. This is most likely due to the fact that the shade is significantly lighter. Well, it appears to be somewhat frosted too.
Black is, of course, black – nothing new there. The brown shade, on the other hand, is very deep and has a neutral undertone. I like how it doesn’t have any tinge of reddish color to it. The perfect true brown shade, if you ask me. Now for the blonde. I was actually surprised that it wasn’t the vibrant yellow color I was expecting. Instead, I got a light ash gray shade. I figured it’s the shade recommended to blonde girls; not a blonde-colored liner. I imagine this would be a great brow color for them as it mimics the shadow that fills the gap between brow hairs without making it too made up.
Personally, this is how I prefer to use them: the black is great for tight lining the upper lash line as it is very pigmented and it has nowhere else to smear on on that area. Plus because of its creaminess, one swipe is enough to instantly make the lashes look fuller. It can also be used on the lid but sealing it with a same colored eyeshadow is a must. The brown and blonde ones are excellent for the brows, depending on your hair color, because they aren’t waxy. They won’t make the brow hair clump into sections. It’s all about making the best out of everything. Focus on the strengths. πŸ˜‰
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