Move over Carmex.. I found a new lip balm that has the potential of replacing you. LOL! If you must know, I’ve been using Carmex Lip Balms (Read review HERE) for more than a year now – gone through like 5 or 6 tubes already. I like keeping one in my kit and the another one in my night drawer along with my other skincare products. It’s by far the best lip balm there is.. well, except for its slightly waxy feel. That’s when this Naked Lips – All Natural Lip Balm from Naked Minerals swoops in to save the day. πŸ™‚
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The Naked Truth – Our Manufacturer’s Pledge of Purity… Only all natural ingredients are used! Naked Lips Mango flavored lip balm is made from all natural ingredients. Contains no parabens, fillers, or petroleum.
This Naked Lip Balm, like all other lip balms, is housed in a lightweight plastic tube with a twist thingy on the bottom part to expose more of the product itself. The size of the packaging and the products contained is just about the same as any typical lip balm. The cap closes securely and doesn’t pop out accidentally which is nice. I don’t think I have to stress out how travel-friendly and convenient it is, do I?

Also, I’d like to mention how the click thingamajig that controls how much of the lip balm is exposed does not only dispense the product but it also retracts it. You see, in most lip balms, I usually have problems in getting the balm back in the tube. At one point, I even had to chop off a small portion of my lip balm just so I could put the cap back on. >.< With this Naked Lip Balm, I never encountered the same problem. Kudos!

Inside the tube is a soft white stick of a balm. It’s incredibly soft when applied on the lips and it glides on smoothly as well. Interesting enough, it doesn’t melt under extreme weather despite being soft. Although one thing that confused me was its flavor. It is said to have a mango tinge to it which I honestly didn’t notice. For me, it’s more like a light bubblegum smell – probably because of its beeswax content. Anyway, it smells really yummy and light at the same time. The smell isn’t overwhelming at any rate. Imagine Bazooka Gum only milder. <3

Its oh-so yummy scent is probably what attracted me to this lip balm but let me tell you this much, it is its amazing lip-hydrating effect is what got me hooked to this lovely lip balm. I like using it at night before hitting the sack because it makes my lips insanely soft the morning after. It lessens and softens cracks too so all I have to do when I wake up is gently exfoliate my lips using my toothbrush to remove the dead skin cells on my lips and viola! baby soft lips that are ready for lipstick! Nothing’s more off-putting than lipstick on dry, cracked lips, right? 

As you can see, the balm gives off a nice, healthy sheen that looks really natural – nothing over the top. It’s really light on the lips as it doesn’t feel sticky, grease nor waxy at all! It doesn’t create any wax-like film on the lips that could prevent any lip color product (i.e lipstick, lip tar/stain) from adhering on the lips. That said, it is great for prepping the lips before applying lipstick. If they could throw in a little SPF on this for added protection, this lip balm would be the bomb! 
Best of all it’s also quite affordable- just a little over a hundred peso! Although it’s not exactly available locally. πŸ™ I know they ship internationally but I don’t think the shipping cost would be worth it if I only buy a stick of lip balm. Ugh.. I would really want to hoard more of these. Maybe I can order some and have it shipped to my Tita‘s address in New York and then have her bring it here when she comes to visit on December? For the meantime, I guess I’ll have to stick with my Carmex Lip Balm. Now that sounds like a plan! <3
Price: $2.95
Available at: Naked Minerals

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