I, for one, admit that I seldom check the list of ingredients on the products that I use despite knowing how these can affect my skin. Admit it; I’m not the only beauty enthusiast that’s negligent when it comes to these kinds of things. Did you know that the simpler and the shorter the names of ingredients are the better? No wonder mineral makeup is a big hit.
Product Description:
(Taken from www.nakedminerals.com)
Certified 100% Pure Inorganic Minerals that are Pressed for No Mess in a convenient, go anywhere compact. Get the look of perfectly naked skin. Even if it’s not! Naked Minerals blends what you love about premium mineral makeup (like the purity and smooth look) and nothing you don’t (messy loose minerals anyone?) Plus, it adds the ease, simplicity and convenience of conventional cosmetics.
Like all pressed Naked Minerals products, their Mineral Foundation Duos also come in very expensive-looking clear plastic packaging that’s rather thick and sturdy. I know they’re durable because I’ve dropped them a couple of times but still no crack. Although it annoys me when I accidentally scratch the simple yet elegant case. Each compact contains 2 half pans with different undertones.

Compared to my everyday pressed powders, these are slightly bigger in circumference but just as slim so I don’t really have any troubles toting it around with me. I just have to make sure I don’t put it in with my keys though. Another thing I like about the packaging is that it locks securely but at the same time, it’s very easy to open. I’ve had my fair share of makeup stain and perfume spills inside my bag and I don’t want any of that anymore.

Texture-wise, I’d say that Naked Minerals Pressed Mineral Foundation Duo generally isn’t gritty or grainy but it isn’t as finely-milled as I would want it to be. It is a bit textured at first although once used on the face, the particles breakdown almost immediately. Simply put, it is easy to apply, even out and spread but becomes powdery and slightly messy during use.
For a powder foundation, Naked Minerals Pressed Mineral Foundation Duo offers incredible color payoff and coverage. It can cover most of the blemishes on my cheeks but for my dark undereye circles, I still need my trusty concealer. The coverage is very buildable too. No casts whatsoever.
TIP: Use a powder puff or sponge in applying this on areas where you need the most coverage to really pack on the color. As for the rest of the face, use a soft powder brush and dust on the powder lightly to create a very natural look.
Shade Guide:
Vanilla (for porcelain, ivory, pale, or fair skin tones) This is the lightest foundation for those with pink or red skin tones who tend to burn easily, or whose tan fades quickly, and are often prone to freckles.
Almond (for light, light-medium, medium, olive, beige skin tones), like the one below, is a medium foundation for those with pink or yellow skin tones who are not very dark naturally, but tan easily with color fading slowly and who may still be sensitive to sun and burn.
Caramel (for medium, medium-dark, golden, dark olive, dark beige, or bronze skin tones), on the other hand, is a dark foundation for those who naturally appear to have a tan year round, tend to darken quickly, and whose color lasts and lasts without effort.
Chocolate (for medium-dark, or darkest skin tones) This is a deep foundation for those who naturally have a rich, dark brown complexion and who may have uneven skin tone. Other foundations use a lot of fillers and extenders resulting in an β€˜ashy’ appearance, but Chocolate Foundation enhances even the darkest skin with a rich, deep finish due to our high concentration of pure pigmented colors.
Shade selections aren’t as simple as light, medium and dark you know. There are a lot of undertones, too, for each shade. That said, making each shade available in different undertones is genius! This way we can get a better match for our skin tone.

However, I think this kind of packaging – 2 pans in one compact – would be best used as testers or even for professional use. I mean, once you know your shade, you’d probably want to get a whole pan of that instead of half a pan that’s right for you then another half pan that you won’t really use, right? Well, unless you’re a makeup artist with several clients then in that case you’ll really need pans like these to cater to your clients’ varying undertones.

The shade Almond is obviously a better match for me. The cool undertone appears to blend better on my arm but in fact, the warm one looks almost invisible on my face which is a great thing. It means it’s a perfect match. Caramel is not a total loss, too, because I still use it for contouring. 
What I love most about this Naked Minerals Pressed Mineral Foundation Duo is their finish. It has a nice iridescent finish that makes the skin look naturally healthy and glowing from within. Plus I don’t have to use any highlighter with this! Despite not having a very good oil control property, I still get a decent amount of wear time from this. I still have to blot once or twice a day and retouch midday.

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