Earlier this month, Nisce Skin ‘N Face launched their new spanking hot brand ambassadors (Read more about the event HERE) together with the newest addition to their skincare products, the Superblock with SPF 80. And after weeks of asking politely, I was finally able to try it out last week. You see, when I arrived home from the event, my father started asking me the usual stuff like where I went, who was I with and things like that. When I told him I went to an event for this awesome new sun block, he became even more interested about my whereabouts. I told him there is this new sun block that a Champion surfer swears by. I even told him that according to the hot surfer dude (I didn’t bother mentioning the name because my father is clueless when it comes to surfing) said that he likes his because it doesn’t make his body stick or slip from his surf board. In case you’re wondering, the hot surfer dude was Luke Landrigan. *wink

And with just that, my father was hooked! He immediately asked for the sun block and tested it the following day. And this Nisce Superblock SPF 80 instantly became my father’s cycling best friend. Yup, he goes biking every single day. Not the ordinary biking stuff like the kids you see on the streets. Heck no! He takes pride on his expensive bike that he rode all the way to Batangas, Antipolo and even to Subic once. I’m even surprised that he allowed me to use his “favorite” sun block for my summer outing last week. πŸ™‚

Product Description:
(Taken from www.niscenssa.com)
Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, UVA/UVB Protection, Waterproof and Non-greasy
Directions for use: Apply liberally and evenly all over the face and exposed parts of the body before sun exposure. Repeat during the day especially after excessive sweating.
Sorry for the long introduction. Let’s go ahead with the review proper. πŸ™‚
 Nisce Superblock’s superior sun protect goodness – SPF 80, baby! – is housed in this typical white, easy-squeeze tube with blue and yellow prints around it. The packaging is very simple, nothing fancy. It’s lightweight and easy to tote around during travel. But do be mindful in packing this.. pressure caused by too much things pressing against this tube can accidentally open the cap and create a mess.  No one wants that, of course. I hope they come up with a spray-type next. Here’s to wishful thinking. πŸ™‚
If I didn’t know this was a sun block, I would’ve honestly thought it was just a heavy lotion based from its consistency and smell. It doesn’t have that strong scent common to sun blocks; it’s not completely unscented though. It has a very faint milky soap smell to it. In terms of consistency, it’s basically like a lotion; white creamy and goes on smoothly on the skin. It feels heavier and thicker than normal lotions but nothing close to ordinary sun block. Nisce Superblock SPF 80 is somewhere in between lotions and sun blocks, consistency-wise. For something that has this much SPF, I’m surprised it is light on the skin and isn’t greasy at all. And in a few minutes after application, it is easily absorbed by the skin and doesn’t feel sticky even when mixed with sweat after a few hours. Eww, I know. LOL! 

The question remains; does it work? Well, it’s a sun block so I can’t really say much. But as far as swimming goes, I did not notice any drastic change in color, tan lines or even sun burn – I was under the sun for more or less 3 hours. Other than that, I don’t know what else to tell you. Oh! The religious user of this Superblock (a.k.a my father) said he did notice a huge decrease in sore patches caused by prolonged sun exposure when he started using this. That’s expected because he’s comparing it to the time when didn’t use sun block at all – he said other sun blocks are irritating and “slimy”. Although he did like the Nivea Cooling Mist (Read review HERE) during out Batangas outing last month. πŸ™‚
Besides those stated above, my father found another reason to love it even more. According to him, this doesn’t feel weird or annoying even against his spandex biking attire. He likes this more than I do, obviously. LOL! I don’t go out that much so I don’t need this much SPF but one thing I know for sure is that my father will be repurchasing this over and over for the months – maybe years – to come. Or maybe until Nisce Skin ‘N Face decides to outdo itself with an even better sun block.. although I doubt there will be anything better than this in the months to come.. for my father’s point of view, at least. πŸ™‚ Thank you, Nisce Skin ‘N Face for introducing my father to his new biking buddy. :))
Price: Php 300
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