With my jam packed class schedule from 10am to 5:30pm, what I want (other than a hearty meal before leaving for school) is a blush that will last the whole day. I wouldn’t want to look too pale when I hit the mall or go back to my dorm after my Accounting class in the afternoon. And I refuse to bring my Marinnaud Blush Brush to school because I have way too many things to bring and a brush is not really on my list.
Based on Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual and other reviews available on the internet, cream blush normally lasts longer than powder blush. So I bought a NYX Rouge Cream Blush to test that idea.
I originally bought 2 shades from Gwyshop. The other one is in Boho Chic and this one is in Rose Petal.
I had to sell the other one to my cousin because Boho Chic is too light for my skintone. You can hardly see the blush when I’m wearing Boho Chic. That’s the difficult part in shopping online. You can’t try out the product before buying it.
TIP: Put some powder blush with the same shade on top of the cream blush to make it last way longer.

– The staying power is double that of powder blush. It lasts for almost 6 ours.
– The shade fits my morena skintone.
– It’s very easy to blend and is buildable.
– It has a dewy finish to it which makes it look natural.

– I don’t know where the tiny blue plastic/papers come from but when I use this, there are small particles mixed in with it. (Like one or two tiny blue thing on my cheeks together with the blush) I have to scrape it of using my nails.
Buy Again? Yes. I’ll also buy a cream bronzer next. J
My Verdict: 4/5