If you saw my haul from the Heat Wave Summer Bazaar, you’ll know that a NYX Round Lipstick in FIG was one of them. But that wasn’t my first time buying a NYX Round Lipstick in FIG. I ordered around 8 or 9 NYX Round Lipstick and other NYX products around December last year from an online store. 
Of course, not all of them were for me… though I really wanted them to be. LOL! Most of them were gifts for my kikay friends in college and I kept 2 for myself.
Long story short, I lost my NYX Lippie in a lipstick battle between my tita and I. So I had to buy a new one.


This is what it looks like on my lips.

Yes, I don’t have a perfect set of teeth.
– It’s very affordable! (Php 120-200 depending on the online shop)
– The color is vibrant and highly pigmented.
– I love how pink and subtle it is in the same time. The color is not Nicki Minaj bold, it’s just the right shade of pink that can be worn every day.
– The formula is creamy and not drying to the lips at all.
-The lipstick itself is really soft. It breaks easily because of the temperature. (Like what happened to my Hot Pink Round Lipstick)
– I have to retouch every now and then because the color fades away after 3-4 hours.
– Since it’s mostly sold online, you can’t test the shades. You have to wholly rely on reviews and swatches. Unless you are willing to go to bazaars.
TIP: It would be a good idea to spread and dab it using your finger so that the lips would absorb the color instead of having a noticeable layer of lipstick just lying on top of your lips. And if the lipstick breaks, you call always put it in a small screw-lid container.
Buy Again? Obviously, yes. It’s the perfect shade and it’s very affordable. How can I go wrong with that?
My Verdict: 3.5/5