I wanted to finish this review so bad last night but school work comes first of course. I had to finish reading and summarizing a legal case that is to be presented later this afternoon in out Law on Sales class. Anyhoo, let’s get started!
For those with uneven lip color or dark lip line like myself, wearing lipstick is not a luxury. It’s more like a necessity for me. I wouldn’t want to go outside looking sickly or like I have a terminal disease. I’m not joking nor am I exaggerating. I really do have super dark lip line and its not flattering. My easy fix? Long-wearing lip color. Let’s see if NYX Xtreme Lip Cream is up for the challenge. πŸ™‚
From the 11 luscious shades NYX Xtreme Lip Cream has to offer, I picked 2 very distinct shades. One girly pink (Pinky Nude) and the other one is a strong, slightly maroon, red (Bonfire). They are both housed in the same transparent plastic tube with a black top like the usual lip gloss. The packaging may not be eye-catching and girly per se but it is very light-weight, sturdy and easy to carry around.
I like the idea of the cream style lipstick. It’s easier to apply especially with this kind of doe foot applicator which is not too big that could easily make the application messy. Neither it too small which would make the application very time consuming.
Like most NYX lip products, Xtreme Lip Cream has great color payoff and decent staying power. I don’t have to retouch my lips unless I eat. The formula is not drying though you have to be very cautious in applying too much since its creamy consistency increases the tendency of settling on the lines of the lip — not very attractive. 

A little more on the staying power and this would be perfect!
What they look like on my lips.
You have to pardon my least favorite feature of my face — my lips.
Pinky Nude. <3
Pinky Nude is a very playful bubblegum pink color that showcases the kikay side of me. For an everyday look, I prefer this shade over the other simply because pink is lighter on the eyes.
Bonfire; adding oomph to my boring black business suite. *wink 
On the other hand, Bonfire is a fierce red shade that gives me that instant sophisticated look. Perfect when coupled with any business attire or formal dress. πŸ™‚ I always always reach out for this particular shade during Tuesday’s because, coming from the College of Business Administration and Accountancy, I am obliged to wear my business attire. Even with my black pencil skirt and blazer, I feel so feminine yet respectable at the same time.
I generally like NYX products. They’re very affordable and readily available online. I haven’t tried any of their foundations and powders yet but I do find their lip products very pigmented and has an extensive color selections to choose from. However, I wouldn’t recommend this to those with dry, chapped lips for it will only accentuate your lips’ dryness. I suggest prepping your lips with homemade lip scrub or conditioning it with a lip balm prior application.
Overall, two kikay thumbs up for NYX Xtreme Lip Cream! πŸ˜€
Where to buy one? Check out Stuff in Style.
How much? Php 300.

What’s your favorite NYX product? Care to share? πŸ™‚
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