I woke up unusually early the other day which is quite surprising really because I slept at around 3 in the morning so I had like only 4 hours of sleep in total. Anyway, I was feeling a bit hyper when I woke up and decided to try this Palty Hair Color in Milk Tea Brown I got from the latest Watsons Wonders Beauty Box (Read more HERE) on my little sister. I initially wanted to try this myself since my roots are growing out so fast and my previous hair color now looks a bit ombre. But I’ve been putting off the idea of changing my hair color to a different shade of brown – if it’s not red, then no thank you. Good thing my sister was more than willing to allow me to mess with her hair.. again. ๐Ÿ™‚
Product Description:
Palty is a Japanese hair dye specifically made for lightening Asian hair. Palty has a wide range of colors from deep black to super sparkling blonde. Palty has 4 different collections for their line of hair dyes: Palty hair color, Palty Hair Turn Color, Palty Hair Bleach Color, and lastly, Palty Bubble Hair Dye.
Milk Tea is part of the Palty Bubble Hair Dye Collection and in terms of procedures and application; it is a lot like the Etude House Bubble Hair Color I tried years ago. Note: As much as I want to link my review on the latter for quick reference, I’m too embarrassed by my noob writing skills then – not that I improved a lot. HAHA.
The Palty Bubble Hair Dye kit came with the following: Base Water Oxide bottle, Cream, sachet of hair care treatment, a pair of latex gloves, plastic paddle with holes and a mixing cup (not in the photo). And of course a bunch of pamphlets with instructions – I really appreciate the fact that this came with translations to different languages. I was about to search the procedures online when I saw the guide. Thumbs up for that. ๐Ÿ™‚
Easy peasy step-by-step procedure: Pour in the ENTIRE content of the Base Water Oxide bottle followed by the cream. Make sure to empty it all out to get maximum result. Next, using the paddle, pat the cream several times to help it sink before mixing them together. Wait for it to bubble up – stop when the foam reaches the line on the cup. Tiny lumps of cream will surface after a while but as per instruction, this is normal and it will dissolve once applied on the hair.
Tips: Use the product within 30 minutes else it won’t be as effective. The cream tends to settle at the bottom part of the cup so give it a little swirl every once in a while to even it out. ALWAYS do a patch test first before using any hair coloring products to see how your skin might react to the chemicals.
And now for the before and after photos. *drum roll please*
No, Palty Hair Color won’t make your hair straighter – the waviness on the left was from her hair bun. And yes, my sister’s hair is naturally “big”. It actually runs in the family (mine is more manageable, though) which is why I get my hair rebonded regularly.
From this perspective, the outcome looks uneven probably because the lower half of her hair still had color from her previous treatment, and the Palty Hair Color sticks on previously colored hair strands more than the virgin roots. But up close, the color looks pretty much even and rather beautifully done. Also, she is leaning her head infront and away from the light. Oppss.
There. Better quality photos – with natural lighting coming from a big window. ๐Ÿ™‚ The color is definitely not like the one on the box. It is far from being a light brown, almost blonde shade. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting it to look exactly like that because you need to chemically bleach the hair to get that rich blonde color. Great thing about this Palty Hair Color is that they indicate this on their box to avoid misleading consumers – with this; you’ll know what to expect. And basing from the illustration, the result was spot-on accurate! From uneven dark brown with black roots, my little sister’s hair turned into this gorgeous light ash brown shade. If I’m being completely honest, I’d tell you that I’m a wee bit jealous. Haha. I want to color my hair, too!
If asked  at gunpoint what I prefer between Palty Hair Color and Etude House Bubble Hair Color, I’d pick Palty just because the color is richer and the hair didn’t come out as dry, coarse and brittle. Granted, of course, that I did use Matrix Biolage Hair Masque on her hair aside from the hair care sachet that came with the kit. It is slightly more expensive, though. Totally worth it! ๐Ÿ™‚
Price: Php 499
Available at: SM Watsons

So what’s the verdict? Did you like my sister’s new hair color?
Sound off on the comment section below. See you on my next post! <3