If you haven’t read how I got this, please read it here. 🙂

I grabbed the only two pink shades available, pretty and siren.

From here, you can see that Siren should be some kinda pale pink in shade.
But when you open it, its darker than the one in Pretty.
All photos are taken with natural lighting.
After swiping it several times.
With only one swipe of the lippies.
– Its almost as cheap as Ever Bilena but the packaging is better. (Php179 each)
– It has White Tea.
– Pretty is more of a pale pink shade while Siren is almost a nude pinkish-brown shade.
– The shades are a bit sheer compared to NYX round lipsticks.
– As you can see, the sticker indicating the shade of the lipstick at the bottom is misleading in the case of Siren.
– Small range of colors available. I think there are only (more or less) 10 shades to choose from.
– The formula is drying.
Buy Again? Maybe not. I’d rather try other brands.
My Verdict: 3/5