I’ve finally had enough lipsticks.. for now, that is. And I’m currently in the “liner stage” so don’t be surprised if I review one or two eyeliners per week. *wink Good thing I got my handy Etude House Eraser Show Line Remover Stick (Read review HERE) to help me remove swatches. LOL!

For months now I’ve been using nothing but brown liners. Brown liners are great for soft, subtle and natural-looking lines but black liners are still the best as it could dramatically change any eye shape. So yes, after a couple of boring months, I finally found my way back to black eyeliners. I have acquired a couple of black ones but let’s start with this one, Peripera Very Nice Pen Eyeliner.
Peripera is a Korean brand that is actually new to my ears. Honestly, when I bought this, I thought it’s from the brand Clio because they’re in the same counter. Anyway, the main reason I chose this is because of its very attractive metallic pink packaging. Who can say no to that? LOL! I got this for less than its regular price of Php 595 because off the 10% off promo when the total bill reaches Php 1,500. Even after the discount I still feel it’s a bit price-y, though.
Let me just say that I find the name, Very Nice Pen Eyeliner, very tacky and it’s like it’s not carefully thought of. Anyway, Peripera Very Nice Pen Eyeliner is housed in a pen-like packaging that is slimmer and lighter than normal pens. It’s travel-efficient as it would perfectly fit in any pouch. I like the plum color and the minimalist floral design below the name. The cap that covers the felt tip closes securely which totally I love.

Compared to MeMeMe Eye Sweep Liner (Read review HERE), Peripera Very Nice Pen Eyeliner’s tip is stiffer so as to give a better control over the thickness of the line. It is stiff and pointed but it doesn’t feel harsh, scratchy or dragging to the skin. It goes on smoothly which makes application such a breeze. Also, it is extremely pigmented that one light stroke is usually enough – I don’t find the need to go back and forth lining my eyes to build up my desired color.

TIP: If you want a straight line that’s thin in the inner part and goes thicker towards the outer part of the eyes in just ONE quick swipe, use the tip at first and slightly slant the liner. Since the felt tip is wider near the base than the tip, it’s easier to follow. Also, the pen’s body serves as a guide in lining when it is held diagonally; there is lesser chance that it would wiggle or create jagged lines.

*Sorry for the inconsistent lighting.. πŸ™
For the moment of truth. I like how breezy it is to apply and how it is able to give me a wide variety of thickness and intensity. Newbies would find this very easy to use. It goes on effortlessly, dries faster and it doesn’t transfer to other parts of the lids easily, provided that the lid area is well-primed. It is somewhat smudge-proof and it doesn’t fall out after a couple of hours. However, it is not entirely water-proof which is really disappointing. I don’t hate it but I don’t totally love it as well. I think I could find better eyeliners for this price.
Price: Php 595
Available at: Watsons/SM Dept. (Got mine from MOA)

That’s my take on Peripera Very Nice Pen Eyeliner. Have you tried this before? What do you think?
See you on my next post!