Summer is officially here and it’s time to bare it all — even if you don’t want to. I’m talking about makeup here; nothing malicious. LOL! If you’re used to wearing heavy coverage foundations and concealers to cover your pimple marks and other skin insecurities, you’ll have to find another way to do so since I’m pretty sure the scorching sun would only melt that makeup away given our country’s temperature. 
Pimple marks, unlike freckles, are never attractive. I know that because I had tons of them from last year’s disastrous breakout spree. I’ve tried a lot of products to lighten what is left from what I call as my skin’s “dark days” but to no avail. Some worked but to very little extent, nothing worth spending on so I decided to just let my skin heal itself. It would take forever but it was my only choice then.
Mid last year when this so-called Personal MicroDerm caused a huge buzz in the YouTube community as a numerous amount of beauty gurus talked, shared and raved about it. I immediately wanted to try it. However, the price wasn’t that student-friendly so I had to think twice. I researched more reviews and articles about the product to see if it’s worth buying. Though most of what I read gave the PMD system nothing but praises, I knew that the only way to really verify those raves is to just buy it and try it myself. So I did eventually.
In a nutshell, the PMD treatment would remove the dull and rough layer of the skin which is obviously the upper most layer that is always exposed to dirt and the sun. By removing this part of the skin, it also removes the imperfections that are formed on that layer. This includes the wrinkles, fine lines, pimple marks, age spots, blemishes and whatnot. Once this layer of dead skin cells are out of the way, our body will naturally create a new layer. Thus promoting new collagen growth and cell renewal. 
Read my entire overview on PMD HERE.
Like I said, I had a lot of pimple marks with varying degrees. Some are a few layers lighter than some. What I documented thru these photos is the change in my deepest, darkest pimple mark located on my right cheek. During my second session, I also started keeping track of my progress on my handy dandy notebook just to make sure I don’t leave out details of my experience.

December 21, 2012| I watched the video manual twice before I started my first session. If you’re a beginner, I suggest doing the same to fully familiarize yourself with the device and avoid injuries. I started off with the white training disc which is the least coarse amongst all discs. I didn’t notice anything immediately after my first session so I just headed on to slathering my usual skincare products. 
December 28, 2012| On my second session, I noticed small white scrapes on the areas where I the device passed. This is most likely to be the outer most layer of the skin being scrubbed off by the device. This scrubbing caused my the little bumps on my face super red though they didn’t hurt. Upon application of skincare products, I felt a bit of a tingling around my face. Nothing major though. However, still no major changes in my pimple marks can be seen.

January 3-9, 2013| I had the milium (keratin-filled bumps) on my face area clinically cauterized using heated instruments – just like what they do to warts. I was advised not to wear makeup or any peeling products for a little over 1 week so I assumed I was also not allowed to use my PMD during that given span of time. Getting my milium cauterized added even more marks to my face as some didn’t heal well. They were shallow though which made it easier for the PMD to remove. Prior to the cauterization, I had my regular monthly facial and I was told that I didn’t have as much white head accumulation in my nose area as before. This must mean that the PMD is really working!

January 13, 2013| Still, I used the white training disc for my third session. This time, there is already noticeable result. My pimple marks significantly lightened though they are still visible.

January 25, 2013| Since I was not contented with the result from the white training disc, I decided to shift to the next level which is the blue disc made for sensitive skin. I admit I was a bit careless that time that I accidentally passed the same area more twice! Afterwards, I noticed slight scabbing on the apples of my left cheek up to my temples. It was very light and unnoticeable but it still hurt a bit.

February 1, 2013| During this time, I was already used to the blue disc. Unlike the previous one, the blue disc is more effective in removing both black heads and white heads around the nose and mouth area. I could now go on for 2 months without facial. I also tried hovering ever so slightly on the tiny bumps that seemed to recur again. There was no immediate decrease in the dumps but for the pimple marks, they’re becoming even more unnoticeable. Even the deep part in the middle was gone.

February 15, 2013| Again with my blue disc. I was becoming more and more efficient with my PMD. It only takes me less than 4 minutes to setup and complete my face session. The PMD, along with my HG scar removing products, was able to completely remove that particular mark that has been haunting me for 8 months! It turned the dark pimple mark to nothing but what seemed to be only a shadow. I am completely impressed!

February 22, 2013 – March 8, 2013| I continued using the blue disc which I regularly change ever 3-4 uses. The pimple mark was completely gone and no trace can be seen that could say that I ever had a breakout last summer. During these sessions, my focus was removing the tiny bumps. PMD helps diminish them but not remove them altogether. As for the black heads and white heads, like I said, I could skip my monthly facial since the accumulation on the nose area is not that obvious anymore.
The Verdict:
What else would I say? You’ve seen the results. I’m completely and utterly inlove with this device. It effectively removes marks, lessen black/white heads and tiny bumps, allows your skin to absorb more products and reveals a more radiant skin as it removes the upper most layer that is pretty much damaged.. all in the comfort of my own home! I can’t tell you how much I am grateful for this. It may look spendy at first but considering all the benefits and results I’m getting, I’ll gladly pay the same amount again. It’s worth my every cent! I have new active pimples on the other side of my cheeks and I can wait for them to dry out so I can start removing their marks with this. ๐Ÿ˜€
It’s the time for light makeup and “barely there looks”. So trade those foundations to tinted moisturizers and let’s start the summer hot party! ๐Ÿ˜€ Remember, especially during summer, less it more. <3 Cheers to healthier, more radiant-looking skin!
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Disclaimer: The brand offered me a discount for my purchase though most part was still paid by me using my hard earned money. As always, all opinions stated above are unbiased and based on my own experience.