Before I start shopping online again, here’s another review to check off my backlog list; the Pevonia Botanica Sensitive Skin
that I got as a prize from one of their weekly giveaways last June, I think.
I’ve been using this for almost 5 months and after much deliberation, I’m now ready to share my two
cents on the product.
Key Ingredients:
Chamomile Extract – calms and soothes the skin
Calendula Extract – antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
Aloe Vera Extract – soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory
I don’t know if it’s just me but this is the first time I
came across this kind of lotion. No,
it’s not for the body like my usual lotions. Instead it is some kind of a
toner, well not some kind of because it really is a toner. But according to
Pevonia’s rep, they called it lotion instead of toner because it is very mild
and is alcohol-free.
Pevonia Botanica Sensitive Skin Lotion comes in this huge
curvaceous spray bottle. It contains 200mL of mild natural plant extracts. This bottle, according to their rep, costs around Php 2600. Hefty
price for a toner, don’t you think? That was my initial thought when I was first told
the price. But after few months, I realized that it’s really worth it – for me atleast.

Like I said, I’ve been using this for almost 5 months and
I’m not even half way through my bottle. Maybe because I don’t really use it
all the time. I kinda alternate it with my Nisce Dr. Skin Toner (Read review HERE) which is the
exact opposite of Pevonia Botanica Sensitive Skin Lotion. The former is a lot
stronger in terms of chemical contents given that it’s a derma-prescribed toner
to dry up acne while the latter is super mild; aimed only to maintain skin
moisture and calm skin irritation. It leaves the skin feeling clean, soft and hydrated. I could use this more than twice a day without the fear of further drying the already dry areas of my face.
The lotion itself is a bit blue-ish.
I like using Pevonia Botanica Sensitive Skin Lotion
particularly to clean my eye area. Being mild and alcohol-free, I need not
worry about the stinging feeling it might cause when used near the eyes. It’s
the ONLY toner I could use to clean my upper lash area to prevent the
recurrence of my Blepharitis. So yes, this is really a life saver for me.
I would recommend this to girls who are blessed with very minimal skin
problems since they only need to maintain their good skin. Also if you
experience itchiness near or on your lash line, I suggest trying Pevonia
Botanica Sensitive Skin Lotion. Use a clean cotton buds and spray it with this,
then run it through your upper lash line to remove dirt and makeup residue.
Else, these dirt and residue build up can cause inflammation of the lash
follicles or Blepharitis. Trust me, you wouldn’t want that.
But if you’re experiencing breakouts or oiliness, I don’t think this product would help much as it is not fully equipped to fight breakouts. I suggest you try Nisce Dr. Skin Toner if you have problematic skin. 🙂
I still have a lot so I think this bottle will get me
through until next year but once I finish this, I’ll be purchasing another just
for my eye area.

Have you tried any
Pevonia Botanica products before? I heard their spa services are great, too.
I’d love to give it a try. 
But I’m guessing not
any time soon because my wallet is still bleeding from all the online shopping
I’ve been doing lately. LOL!

you on my next post!