I’ve said this a couple of times before but it’s worth repeating so here goes.. our body should ideally be able to generate collagen on its own until we hit the age 30. Then everything goes downhill from there; the production rate significantly declines as we get older. Collagen is mainly responsible for our skin’s elasticity, tightening hair follicles and things like that. Consequently, the lacking of such means having to deal with skin sagging and pre-mature wrinkles.

Now I’m sure if there’s something wrong with the part of my body that’s supposed to produce collagen because at the age of 21, I have highly noticeable laugh lines and fine lines under my eyes! Eek! >.< Well, the answer is quite obvious actually – if your body can’t produce it on its own, look for a product that has it. It sounds rather simple but of course you have to find a product that works first.

Product Description:
Collagen Serum: With a high percentage of soluble collagen to hydrate skin, our serum not only helps increase skin’s moisture level, it helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. This easily absorbed serum features Collagen Concentrate that permeates deeper than cream to bind moisture and help improve the contours of facial skin. Regular usage alone or under supplementary creams (such as antioxidant, elastin or peptide creams) can help smooth severe as well as fine dry lines or help improve skin texture.
Reviva Collagen Serum comes in a thick glass bottle with a white easy-dispense pump that’s covered by a clear cap for hygienic purposes. I like how the pump slowly dispenses just the right amount of product every single time. Plus, all necessary details about the product could easily be found on the label around the bottle. There’s nothing fancy about the overall packaging – if one thing it’s actually very simple.

The serum itself is thick in consistency compared to the other serums I’ve used before. It’s very rich and not at all fluid. It glides on smoothly on the skin at first but after a while, it becomes slightly dry and sticky which makes it impossible to spread once absorption begins. If you come to think of it, it’s a lot like the transparent part in raw eggs. It’s thick but still smooth.. once rubbed, it becomes this white sticky, paste-like substance. Well, minus the icky smell, of course. LOL! Anyway, it is easily absorbed by the skin so I suggest spreading it as fast as you can and then patting the skin lightly – NOT rub – to help your skin absorb it more and stimulate blood circulation. I just love how light it is on the skin. It’s doesn’t feel oily or greasy so it is as if I didn’t apply anything!

I started using this, as instructed (every other week), immediately after receiving it which was around the last week of April. It has already been a whole 3 months and I still haven’t gone through half of the bottle. Yes, I’d say this Reviva Collagen Serum isn’t exactly budget-friendly but considering the fact that it could be used for more or less 6 months.. I think it’s safe to say that it definitely give a bang for of buck. But wait ’til you hear how it fared on me.
Immediately after application, my skin feels stretched but in a good, not-at-all dry way. I imagine this is how a “light botox” would feel like. But coming from a person who never had botox before, I could be wrong, you know. :)) It makes my skin soft and gives it this lovely radiant glow the morning after too.
After 3 months of use, I noticed my skin was able to maintain the temporary radiant glow I was talking about earlier. It’s always soft and supple, probably because it isn’t dehydrated at any rate. Most of all, my laugh lines and tiny crow’s feet lessened tremendously! Matte powder foundations usually settle and accentuate those lines in the middle of the day but now, I hardly see any. I’d like to think that with continuous use, Reviva Collagen Serum could also solve the fine lines under my eyes. *fingers crossed!* πŸ™‚
Price: Php 1,300
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