As expected, after the massive lipstick haul (Read HERE), a huge wave of lipstick reviews follow. And to start off the series of lipstick reviews, swatches and comparisons is this Revlon ColorBurst Lipsticks; 2 out of 7 from the Revlon lipstick lot I bought from Stuff ‘N Shop. Let’s get it on! πŸ™‚

Revlon ColorBurst Lipsticks come in matte black square tubes with alternating designs on the sides; from a solid to quilted pattern around the tube. On the top of the cap, there’s a colored square representing the shade of the lipstick. This way it is more convenient organizing lipsticks because you’ll see the shade right away even when you stack your lipstick tubes standing up.. no need to check the shade name sticker below.

True Red is a bright red shade with bluish undertone which generally flatters any skin tone and makes the teeth look whiter. There’s no hint of coral nor pink.. just straight up devilish red. An instant perk me up color that adds glamour to any look, sexy-fies any outfit and boosts confidence. True Red makes a great statement on its own so do knock the level down a notch when doing the rest of your makeup as you would want the focus to be on your lips alone.
But if this is your first time to wear red, you might want to choose a softer red as this particular shade maybe too much or somehow intimidating. This should probably come with a sign that says, “Warning: Not for the faint hearted.” LOL!

From the sultry red shade that is True Red, let’s move on to a sweet and playful shade of pink, Candy Pink.

Candy Pink is a blue pink shade with a hint of blue specks that are only noticeable when scrutinized closely — so don’t worry, the blue specks won’t really show on your lips and make you look like an alien. LOL!  Just from the looks of this cotton candy pink lipstick bullet you’d see that the shade is very girly and bubbly. The swatches would attest to that! Cotton Candy pink is a baby pink shade that is very summer-y too and very easy to wear especially for those with fairer complexion. However, I think this kind of pale pink shade could easily wash you off if you have a bit darker complexion than me. But if you’re brave enough to rock this lip color even if you have dark skin, don’t let me tell you otherwise. Go girl! πŸ˜‰

The brand name, Revlon, is imprinted on the lipstick bullet itself making it look high-end and pricey. Is it just me who’s afraid to mess up the name when I use up the product to that point. 0.o Please tell me someone out there has the same feeling about this. LOL!


Despite being under the same ColorBurst line, there are significant differences between the two shades when it comes to color pay off and staying power. We’ll dive in that later. Let’s focus first on the similarities. πŸ™‚
True Red and Candy Pink both have creamy consistency and glides on the lips effortlessly  like butter. If you have dry lips or lips with oh-so many lines and crevices like mine, worry not for both Revlon ColorBurst Lipsticks are quite forgiving as they don’t settle nor accentuate the lines. Also, they’re not drying — if anything I think they’re even moisturizing at some point. They’re both non-sticky and doesn’t feel heavy on the lips too.
True Red has incredible color pay off — opaque with glossy finish. It stays on for about 3-4 hours given that I don’t eat too much and lip liner is used prior to lipstick application. One caveat though, because of its creamy consistency and amazing pigmentation, it would most definitely stain your teeth when applied too much. And unlike the other one, True Red is absolutely scentless.. no chemical or funky smell at all!

Candy Pink, on the other side, is on more the sheer side for it doesn’t offer as much pigmentation as the former but with the same glossy finish. It has shorter staying power at 2-3 hours. If I’m not mistaken, Candy Pink is part of the newly launched shades which probably explains why it has this mild sweet, fruity smell instead of being completely odorless like True Red.

Have you tried Revlon ColorBurst Lipsticks before?
What’s your favorite shade? Let me know by commenting below.
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