In between chores and blogging, I usually do my nails while watching Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. Don’t judge me, that show is awesome! LOL! Coincidentally, ever since CN started airing more of that show, I, too, have more time to do my nails. I don’t know why but I find it relaxing.. Anyway, for my current nail color, I used the Revlon Nail Art Neon in 150 Fluorescent that came with my April BDJ Box (Read more HERE).

I usually try to limit myself to Php 100 per nail polish bottle – if you see any expensive high end nail polish on my blog, know that I got it as a gift. LOL! In the case of Revlon’s nail art polishes; I think it’s rather practical to put 2 shades in one affordable and convenient packaging. What I’m trying to say here is that I don’t mind spending a couple more pesos for it since I know I’ll be getting 2 colors instead of 1. *wink

Like I said, Revlon Nail Art Neon comes with two different shades. The base (white) is much like the typical liquid eraser for pens. It’s completely opaque and it quickly dries to a slightly matte finish. It gets tacky quite easily so make sure to cover it right away. As per instructions, 2 base coats are needed before proceeding to the next color. However, since the white base has incredible color payoff, one coat would be enough.
The other end contains the neon polish. It’s much like a runny gel unlike normal nail polishes in terms of consistency, if you ask me. Compared to the base, its color is less opaque and drying process takes significantly longer. Because of its consistency, it quite tricky to even out the color. It is also suggested that 2 coats are used. But in my case, I find 2 coats to be too light as I keep ending up with white base colors peaking through the neon green color so I opted to put on 3 coats instead.

150 Fluorescent is, obviously, a neon green shade which reminds me so much of fake plastic grass. LOL! It looks fresh and vibrant – perfect for summer! Also, it makes my man-hands look more fitting for a girl my age and the contrast it creates makes my hand look whiter that it really is. What I like most about this second color, besides being incredibly glossy, it stays unchipped and glossy even after days of washing the dishes. πŸ™‚
And here’s what my nails currently look like:

My nails look like freakin’ avocado jelly aces – I don’t eat avocado, btw – because of the super glossy finish! Mind you, I didn’t put any top coat on this. It stays on nicely.. although I’m afraid it would take forever to remove with acetone since I piled on 5 coats. *facepalm LOL!
What do you think? Ain’t it yummy to look at? πŸ™‚
Tell me what you think and I’ll see you on my next post!