I’ve been avoiding cream blushes and cheek tints for what seems like an eternity. I often get pimples on the cheek area. They would eventually dry up but whenever they do, they tend leave hideous marks and prominent discoloration. So the usual concentration of my concealer routine is on my undereye area and cheeks. That said, I try to refrain from using cream blushes and tints to avoid smearing the concealer during application. For more than a year, I’ve been using nothing but powder blushes but now that I finally don’t have to cover up pimple marks on my cheeks, I am back to using cream blushes and tints. And that’s all thanks to SkinHouse’s Pixel Fraction Laser.

Perfect timing, too, since Revlon has recently launched a cream blush under the PhotoReady range. I haven’t seen any local reviews on this product yet so I guess I’ll be the first one then. Yey! <3

Product Description:
(Taken from www.revlon.com)
Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush. Blushing beauty is at your fingertips with this weightless, creamy formula. Blends easily into skin, adding a rich flush of color to your cheeks with a soft, satin finish. Looks freshly applied all day, up to eight hours.

Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blushes come in a transparent plastic pot with a black screw-top lid. The pot itself is slim and light thus making it somewhat travel-efficient. It is pretty sturdy, too – I’ve dropped this a million times over the past few months and still no crack! The whole packaging is reminiscent of that of MAC Lip Conditioners.

What sets Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blushes apart from other cream blushes that I’ve tried before is its texture and consistency. They are very light and feathery. The texture is air-light and it somewhat melts into skin. Honestly, it is more of a mousse than a cream. It goes on silky smooth on the skin and it feels a bit powdery after blending. It is as if it melts on the skin so it looks naturally radiant. Plus, it isn’t greasy or oily even after hours of wear.

Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush is available in 4 shades: Charmed, Coral Reef, Flushed and Pinched. And of all four, I got what I thought was the most wearable shades, Flushed and Pinched. As for application, you can use a stippling brush to blend the product but personally, I prefer using my clean fingers because the natural heat coming from them helps break down the cream blush thus making it easier to blend and even out. Although creamy, it is a bit dry so scooping out the right amount of product with your fingers can be a bit challenging since it can easily go into your nails. So what I do is I get the product that is on the inner rim instead of scooping from the middle section.

Flushed (200) is a bright pink shade that is perfect for an instant pop of color. The shade might look intimidating from the pot but once worn, it is actually pretty wearable. It would definitely compliment medium to darker skin tones – the shade is bold and it looks great on morena skin. It offers amazing color payoff so a little really does go a long way with this particular shade.

This has been my top pick for everyday errands simply because it is easy to use and fairly easy to apply. I love how the shade is buildable – I can layer on as much as I want to achieve my desired shade. It doesn’t look cakey and it’s still as silky smooth even after several layers.

Pinched (100), on the hand, is a natural peach shade with very light shimmer. I thought this would be a great everyday shade for that “no makeup” look but unfortunately, it doesn’t show off as well on morena skin. The pigmentation left much to the imagination since a great amount is needed for the color to actually show. Although I can imagine it looking incredibly natural and subtle on fairer skin. The light shimmer gives the skin a more radiant glow to it.

As for the lasting power, it is quite understandable why Flushed lasts twice as long as Pinched does. I get around 4-5 hours max from Flushed and about 2 hours of wear time from Pinched. The greater the pigmentation, the longer the wear time. I also noticed that if it’s worn over powder, the blush stays on longer – the application could be a bit tricky though. But overall, I am greatly impressed by these Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blushes, especially Flushed. I highly recommend them especially if you only get a few minutes in the morning to do your makeup. You need something as quick and easy to use as these. *wink!

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